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Mekhong 35%

Distilled from a mash of molasses and rice, and then blended with Thai herbs and spices.

Tasted: June 2011

A soft grainy/ starchy nose with plenty of caramel and sweet molasses notes, which gives the a rum-like edge. In fact it feels like rum mixed with vodka along with hints of burnt toffee, wood and light herbs and oriental spices. 

Soft and quite sweet on the palate with rum like liquorice coated dried fruits. It’s a bit on the flabby side and really could do with a higher abv. The grain nips on the middle but it sort of transmutes into a metallic finish with a touch of herbs and spices. 

Altogether it’s not unpleasant but as it says on the label it’s best served with a long cool mixture…. Or should that be ‘drowned in coke’???!!