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Puni Alba 43%

Batch 1/ 3 Year old Spirit aged in Marsala Casks and finished in ex-Islay Casks

Tasted: Apr 2016

Nose: Interesting, youthful and very malty. It reminds me of a Dutch malt-wine with sweet barley, honey and a winey, sup Grappa-like note. A touch of buttery oak appears along with what feels like a little rye spice.

Palate: Crisper and edgy with more earthy rye-like notes and hints of sweet barley and youthful Grappa-like spirit. Subtly, dusty spiced with building whisky notes and a suggestion of oak.

Finish: Good length, if a little dry and subtly smoky with malt biscuits and dark rye-like notes.

Conclusion: A curious and entertaining dram. I would have like to have seen a little more balancing oak character on the palate.

Puni Alba (Batch 3) 43%

Aged 3 years in ex-Marsala, finished in ex-Islay casks

Tasted: Sept 2017

The nose displays a lot more peat character than batch 1. The medicinal peat influence is very obvious and the fruit is richer. There’s hints of smoke, roasted, raisinated fruit and subtle darker honey. Like the Nova it has a lovely balance.

The palate is a little lighter than the nose suggests. Quite herbal and medicinal with peat smoke, dark honey and rich dried fruit. Quite sooty on the middle with subtle spice notes. Long and remaining sooty with subtle herbal notes. Very impressive


Puni Nova 43%

Batch 1/ 3 Year old spirit aged in American and European White Oak

Tasted: Mar 2016

Nose: Very estery, summery and aromatic with pineapple, banana and fresh barley. Creamy American oak mingles with some tighter grainier oak tannins. Late hints of grass and lime.

Palate: A little weak and underpowered, but pleasantly citric with lime, barley and vanilla. Again there’s some taught, grainy tannins which come through on the middle.

Finish: Good, crisp, slightly alcoholic finish with lingering barley and grass.

Conclusion: Lovely aromas, but unfortunately the palate lets it down and lacks the promise or complexity of the nose. Definitely work in progress.


Puni Nova (Batch 3) 43%

Aged 3 years in ex-Bourbon casks, finished in virgin European oak.

Tasted: Sept 2017

A lovely, soft, estery nose of pineapple, apricot, banana with hints of minerals and pure vanilla oak. The oak becomes quite toasty with time and subtle herbal and citric notes appear.

The palate is fuller than the nose, but still quite estery with banana, apricot and hints of mash-tunny cereal. Lightly mineral and grassy on the middle with a touch of honey. Good, crisp, citric finish with very subtle oak tannins and lingering minerality.