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Isfjord Arctic Single Malt Whisky #1 42%

Unpeated spirit, aged in ex-Oloroso casks. and bottled with Greenland Arctic water.

Tasted: Oct 2017

The sherry influence is surprisingly subtle and just adds a background of dried fruit. Wonderfully fresh and rounded with estery fruit and hints of banana and vanilla cream.

The palate is quite barley’d and vanilla’d with hints of edgy herbal notes and estery fruit. The sherry comes through on the middle but doesn’t over power the palate, allowing the green barley and citrus to show. Long and juicy with some grippy spices appearing and the vanilla returning.

Isford Arctic Single Malt Whisky #2 Peated 42%

Bourbon Barrels, finished in new oak and bottled with Greenland Arctic water.

Tasted: Aug 2017

Young and lightly manurey with peppery-peat and hints of sweet vanilla oak, fennel and some gritty tannins. When settled it displays a pleasant, subtly estery character with a good degree of barley and late coffee/ chocolate notes.

The palate is fresh, crisp and barley’d. Quite peppery and gently peated which develops well in the mouth. Slightly herbal and estery with citrus notes. Long and juicy with some new oak bitterness and hints of caraway, menthol and chocolate.

Isfjord Arctic Single Malt Whisky #2 Peated 42%

Re-Tasted: Oct 2017

The nose is gritty and ashy with hints of medicinal peat. Lightly violet (in a Bowmore-esque fashion) and quite oaky, but said oak is pretty pliant and sits in the background adding gritty tannic spice, vanillins and a touch of toffee.

The palate displays a little more forward toffee’d oak with caramel and vanilla notes. The peat is ashy and gritty and like the nose slightly medicinal. Hints of sweet heather and violets follow along with some lovely estery fruit and barley on the middle. Long and slightly salty with some sweeter peat notes coming through on the finish.


Stauning Peated 2nd Edition 55%

Nose: Relatively subtle and showing some new-make oiliness. Hints of dusty peat, creosote and sherbet coated barley emerges as does a late crisp, chlorinated note,

Palate: Very oily and immature with slightly feint ‘off the still’ notes all over the place!

Finish: Fairly long with an intense menthol, creosote and oily peat. Fades into dusty peat/ smoke but the oils still cling.

Conclusion. Too young. It’s good, clean spirit but it needs more time in the cask.

Stauning Peated 3rd Edition 51%

(4 year old)

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Very estery – pineapple, pear, pear drops and apricot with bright barley and earth. However there is an odd, almost sulphurous note in the background. Water flattens.

Palate: Opens with some youthful, herbal marc-like notes and a touch of nascent barley but it becomes cardboard and feinty on the middle. Again water flattens it to the point of nothingness!

Finish: Intense and oily. Short and masked.

Conclusion: the spirit is far too young and it feels like the cut was too wide.

Stauning 2011 (3 year old) Peated Sherry Finish 49.3%

Dist: 2011 Btl: 2014

Tasted: Feb 2016

Nose: Oily, young and slightly cardboardy/ feinty. Pleasantly herbal and lightly peated, but far too young.

Palate: Showing a little more dried fruit but still cardboardy and immature.

Finish: herbal and intense.

Conclusion: Give it more time to remove the impurities.