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Stauning Peated 2nd Edition 55%

Nose: Relatively subtle and showing some new-make oiliness. Hints of dusty peat, creosote and sherbet coated barley emerges as does a late crisp, chlorinated note,

Palate: Very oily and immature with slightly feint ‘off the still’ notes all over the place!

Finish: Fairly long with an intense menthol, creosote and oily peat. Fades into dusty peat/ smoke but the oils still cling.

Conclusion. Too young. It’s good, clean spirit but it needs more time in the cask.

Stauning Peated 3rd Edition 51%

(4 year old)

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Very estery – pineapple, pear, pear drops and apricot with bright barley and earth. However there is an odd, almost sulphurous note in the background. Water flattens.

Palate: Opens with some youthful, herbal marc-like notes and a touch of nascent barley but it becomes cardboard and feinty on the middle. Again water flattens it to the point of nothingness!

Finish: Intense and oily. Short and masked.

Conclusion: the spirit is far too young and it feels like the cut was too wide.

Stauning 2011 (3 year old) Peated Sherry Finish 49.3%

Dist: 2011 Btl: 2014

Tasted: Feb 2016

Nose: Oily, young and slightly cardboardy/ feinty. Pleasantly herbal and lightly peated, but far too young.

Palate: Showing a little more dried fruit but still cardboardy and immature.

Finish: herbal and intense.

Conclusion: Give it more time to remove the impurities.