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J.H. Original Selection Rye Whisky 46%

Tasted: Mar 2016

Nose: Raw and earthy with oily marc-like rose petal notes. Dark, toasted, slightly spicy rye emerges along with hints of vanilla cream, coffee and toffee.

Palate: Edgy and raw with prominent marc-like rose petal. Definitely not lacking in spirit character or alcohol. The dark rye notes pummel the palate. Damn! That’s intense!

Finish: Raw and mouth-watering. Quite herbal with a dry, slightly bitter ending.

Conclusion: if this is what I think it is then it’s showing a little more maturity than it did two years ago, but not much! Definitely work in progress.

JH Rare Selection Dark Rye Malt Eisweinfass GV 46%

Tasted: June 2016

Nose: Very herbal and raw with an almost marc-like youthful intensity. Hints of decomposing rose petals, oat biscuits and with time some sweetening honey.

Palate: Youthful and herbal with mulched rose petals, dark rye flakes, green wood and hints of treacle and rye spice.

Finish: Intense, mouth-watering and very herbal with a touch of balsamic treacle and lingering marc-like notes.

Conclusion: Young and entertaining but it could have done with more oak character to round off the edges.


Waldviertler Whisky Original Rye Whisky J.H 46%

60% Unmated Rye & 40% Malted Barley

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Plenty of Armagnac-esque dried fruit and violets to begin with. Dark honey coated prune, raisin and sugar coated herbs follow. The aromas are a little raw at the edges but with time hints of warm vanilla and grainy coffee appear.

Palate: Edgy and a lot rawer than the nose. It has an Armagnac-like Baco 22a foxiness and no shortage of herbal marc-like notes. Very intense and surprisingly alcoholic!

Finish. Long and mouth-watering with the herbal marc-like notes lingering.

Conclusion: Is this whisky? Is this really 40%. Either way it’s far too young and raw!

Waldviertler Whisky Special Rye Malt Nougat J.H 41%

Produced from 100% Dark Roasted Malted Rye

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Raw and herbal with oily rye-like notes. Pretty immature stuff!

Palate: Oily and herbal with plenty of ‘off the still’ notes.

Finish: Long and very herbal with a touch of boiled sweet marc on the finish

Conclusion: it has a lovely, youthful intensity but at present it is a little one-dimensional.

Waldviertler Whisky Pure Rye Malt J.H 41%

Produced from 100% Light Roasted Malted Rye

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Quite spicy and ever so slightly musty with fern and herbal rye-like notes. Relatively straightforward but pleasantly intense.

Palate: Young, immature and oily. It feels like this has had a very wide cut as some fusel oil notes are coming through. A little musty with some herbal rye-like notes on the middle.

Finish: Young, intense and very rye-like.

Conclusion: I think it could have done with more time in cask to remove the impurities.

Waldviertler Whisky Special Rye Malt Peated J.H 41%

Produced from 100% Dark Roasted Malted Rye, Matured in ex-sweet wine casks

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Opens with a profusion of coffee and herbal rye-like aromas. Intense and youthful but quite robust with the oak lurking beneath.

Palate: Full, herbal and coffee’d with plenty of youthful rye-like notes. Lovely depth.

Finish: Long and herbal with a seriously herbal spice finish.

Conclusion: Intense and young but the spirit has roundness and a relative complexity.