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Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Release: 06 Classic 43%

Tasted: Jan 2018

Full, soft and rich on the nose with caramel oak and balancing grain-like notes. Late hints of apple, apricot and cedar.

The palate displays plenty of sweet barley, apricot, malt and sweet oak. Sweetly spiced on the middle with oak bittering slightly. Long, spicy and honeyed finish with lingering oak.


Isfjord Arctic Single Malt Whisky #1 42%

Unpeated spirit, aged in ex-Oloroso casks. and bottled with Greenland Arctic water.

Tasted: Oct 2017

The sherry influence is surprisingly subtle and just adds a background of dried fruit. Wonderfully fresh and rounded with estery fruit and hints of banana and vanilla cream.

The palate is quite barley’d and vanilla’d with hints of edgy herbal notes and estery fruit. The sherry comes through on the middle but doesn’t over power the palate, allowing the green barley and citrus to show. Long and juicy with some grippy spices appearing and the vanilla returning.

Isford Arctic Single Malt Whisky #2 Peated 42%

Bourbon Barrels, finished in new oak and bottled with Greenland Arctic water.

Tasted: Aug 2017

Young and lightly manurey with peppery-peat and hints of sweet vanilla oak, fennel and some gritty tannins. When settled it displays a pleasant, subtly estery character with a good degree of barley and late coffee/ chocolate notes.

The palate is fresh, crisp and barley’d. Quite peppery and gently peated which develops well in the mouth. Slightly herbal and estery with citrus notes. Long and juicy with some new oak bitterness and hints of caraway, menthol and chocolate.

Isfjord Arctic Single Malt Whisky #2 Peated 42%

Re-Tasted: Oct 2017

The nose is gritty and ashy with hints of medicinal peat. Lightly violet (in a Bowmore-esque fashion) and quite oaky, but said oak is pretty pliant and sits in the background adding gritty tannic spice, vanillins and a touch of toffee.

The palate displays a little more forward toffee’d oak with caramel and vanilla notes. The peat is ashy and gritty and like the nose slightly medicinal. Hints of sweet heather and violets follow along with some lovely estery fruit and barley on the middle. Long and slightly salty with some sweeter peat notes coming through on the finish.

Shefford Manor 3 year old Canadian Rye 40%

Undisclosed distillery

Tasted: Oct 2017

Youth but quite a sweet nose with toasted oak, pine needles and herbal rye. Simple and straightforward with a late elderflower note.

The palate is youthful and oily with again elderflower and botanical rye. Quite citric and fresh on the middle with a touch of toffee. Short and spirit with lingering botanical notes.

Rampur Distillery Indian Single Malt 43%

Tasted: Aug 2017

A dense and very herbal nose, which bears a similarity to Langatun, although the herbal character is less Provencal in character. Oily apricot, lime, lemon, thyme and barley mingles with a subtle earthiness. With time a touch of oxidised fruit appears along with hints of cider apple and vanilla.

The palate is subtly oily, opening with the oxidised apricot and apple. Again quite herbal in character with some subtle marc-like spirit notes. Dense and barley’d middle and a good herbal and citric finish with lingering oak and subtle spice.

The Single Cask English Whisky 2009 (7 year old) 60%

Peated to 62PPM/ Cask B1/443

Dist: 2009 Btl: 2016/ Tasted: Jun 2017

The nose opens with some Lowland-eque, floral white fruit, grass, barley and honey. It develops some almost Alsace-like fruit notes along with lime oil, creamy oak and subtle spices. Although it is fairly heavily peated, the peat is actually quite subtle. Still it’s a lovely nose.

The palate is lightly honeyed with white fruit, apricot and plenty of alcohol, which keeps the creamy oak in check. Supple vanilla, spice and peat comes through on the middle and although the finish is masked by the alcohol it does show some lovely barley notes.

Water brings out hints of tangerine and orange as well as emphasising the barley. It shows a lovely balance between the oak and fresh, grassy spirit and with time, there’s even a slight Riesling-esque petrol note. The palate is fresh and lightly citric with barley and just like the nose that Riesling-esque petrol note. Pleasantly oiled middle with a long, crisp finish with a touch of during spice and oak.

Blackadder Raw Cask English Whisky NAS 64.7%

Unpeated 5 year old/ Bourbon Cask B2 001/ Dist: 2011 Btl: Mar 2016/ Tasted: Aug 2017

Pungent and cereally to begin with. Settles to show a pleasant depth of barley, honey, toffee, heather and apricot. Although neat it is fairly alcoholic, the alcohol is very well integrated.

The palate is full and soft with apricot, barley, honey and hints of white fruit and subtle spice. Gentle notes of vanilla oak comes through on the middle and the finish is masked and mouth-watering but displays some lovely tangerine and barley.

Diluted the nose shows more of the buttery/ toffee’d oak and the honey has become quite floral in character. Beautifully balanced with a light but refreshing citrus note. The palate is slightly oilier with up front barley, straw and fruit. Lovely citric note on the middle now, which continues through the finish. A little drying tannic spice at the death but the spirit weight underpins.

Blackadder Raw Cask Peated English Whisky NAS 66.3%

Peated 5 year old/ Bourbon Cask 279/ Dist: 2011 Btl: Mar 2016/ Tasted: Sept 2017

A lovely, aromatic nose of white fruit with subtle medicinal peat and brine. Hints of barley, apple, honey and juicy citrus follow along with a touch of American oak.

The palate is quite oily and barley’d with hints of white fruit, fleshy apricot and citrus. Again the medicinal peat notes are subtle, whereas the alcohol certainly isn’t! Yep, that’s an intense middle! The peat really comes through powerfully on the finish and the combination of alcohol and citrus makes the tongue tingle.

With water the nose is heavier and oilier with less peat, however it is smokier now with hints of earth and manure. In fact it becomes pretty stinky (in a good way!) The palate is still pretty oily and like the nose, showing a little less peat. Still it’s wonderfully dense with a slight chocolaty note and hints of apple, citrus, burnt wood, earth and manurey-peat, especially in the finish.

Blackadder Raw Cask English Whisky Moscatel Cask 2007 (7 year old) 63.2%

Cask 794/Dist: Oct 2007 Btl: May 2015/Tasted: July 2016

An interesting nose of perfumed, dried grape, cereal, malt biscuits and dark honey. Very winey and cask orientated with a late herbal note.

The palate is raw and winey. Really intense with cereal, dried grape and no shortage of alcohol! The finish is seriously alcoholic and Stagg-esque in its intensity, but once it clears it leaves lingering cereal, malt and dried Moscatel fruit.

With water the nose is a little softer and possibly a tad more perfumed. It’s still very grapey though with hints of nuts, wood smoke, earth and orange. The palate pretty much remains about the same, minus the alcohol intensity! A little sweeter now, but still long, herbal and cereally. Definitely unusual!

Blackadder Raw Cask Peated English Whisky Moscatel Cask 2007 (7 year old) 63.4%

Cask 789/ Dist: Nov 2007 Btl: May 2015/ Tasted: July 2016

The aromas are similar to the unpeated cask, showing plenty of lightly perfumed, dried grape, but with the addition of a lovely combination of earthy-peat and mildly astringent-peat. Hints of herbs, burnt wood, creosote and dark grape infused honey follow. Subtle, it is not!

The palate is surprisingly soft and full of grapey, winey honey. The sweetness of the cask has influenced the peat and although it is slightly earthy, it is quite sweet. The alcohol is intense but well integrated and it becomes fairly smoky on the middle. The finish is fairly alcoholic, well, actually it’s eye-wateringly intense and sooty with some lightly medicinal herbal notes appearing along with a touch of coffee.

Water makes no change to the nose but on the palate it has become thicker and more grapey. The peat is less noticeable, although it is still there and like the unpeated cask it’s a little sweeter with lingering Moscatel notes.

Krucefix Whiskey 40%

Aged for between 19 months and 27 months in Alpine oak casks

Btl: Apr 2016/ Tasted: July 2016

Heavy oak aromas with taught vanillins and big, juicy, sweet malt. Lightly perfumed with a distinct herbal character and with time some sweeter oak notes appearing.

The palate is full and rounded with the soft oak and malt up first. Again the oak is a little taught and faintly astringent but the malt sweetness balances. Long and slightly mouth-watering finish with a distinct herbal character and lingering sweet oak and spice. Blind you could possibly mistake it for an American whisky.

Krucefix Slovenian Whiskey 40%

Re-Tasted: Oct 2016

Nose: Plenty of toasty but tightly grained oak. Quite ‘Bourbony’ in character with hints of sour fruit, oat flakes, treacle, dark honey, cinnamon and coriander powder.

Palate: A little lighter and fresher than the nose with herbal dark honey and almost rye-like spices. Hints of dark chocolate, dusty spice and toast oak fills out the middle.

Finish: Long and crisp although a little astringent, with a grainy bite and lingering light treacle and wood smoke.

Conclusion: Definitely interesting. I can see Bourbon fans enjoying this.

Box Single Malt Whisky, The 2nd Step Collection 01 51.1%

Tasted: June 2016

Nose: A beautiful tropical fruit bomb! Sugar sprinkled apricot, melon, pear and apple, followed by crisp green apple, gooseberry, lime and honey. Suddenly a gentle thread of lightly medicinal and smoky peat appears.

Palate: Slightly darker with more malt character and dark honey. The tropical fruit notes are still present though and begin to emerge along with hints of barley, lime and green apple. The slightly medicinal peat begins quite quietly but builds up a head of steam!

Finish: Intense and chewy with coffee coated banana and dark, moist, earthy peat, liquorice and a touch of treacle. Great finish!

Conclusion: A truly world class whisky.

Box Single Malt Whisky, The 2nd Step Collection 03 51.5%

A blend of 88% peated and 12% unpeated malt, aged in ex-Bourbon, virgin American oak and virgin Hungarian oak.

Distilled between Mar – Dec 2011 and bottled in 2017 (aged over 5.5 years)

Tasted: Nov 2017

The nose is quite earthy and smoky with subtle medicinal notes. There’s a touch of youthful rose petal marc and floral barley, along with coffee, vanilla and spicy virgin oak notes.

The palate is full and oaky with vanilla and a full on chunky oak character. However the barley and citrus balances as does the light saltiness. The earthy peat is subtler than the nose suggests. Good, intense and seriously spicy finish with gritty ginger bread, vanilla and slightly sweet pepper in the finish


Box Destilleri The Archipelago 56.5%

Nose: Raw, youthful and rather winey and sherried with malt biscuits, boiled sweets and herbal marc-like notes. Neat it doesn’t feel totally integrated. Water mitigates the rawness and brings out some fruit and barley.

Palate: Dry, intensely woody with a raw cask feel and hints of oily barley, boiled sweets and intrusive alcohol. Water emphasises the oily fruit but also simplifies.

Finish: Raw, intense and herbal with lingering coffee and marc-like notes. Diluted it shows more sweetness and a touch of earthy peat.

Conclusion: Far too young. It’s the first disappointing Swedish whisky I’ve had in a long time.

Box Whisky Dalvve 46%

63.48% is 5.24 year old unpeated whisky from 200-litre 1st fill bourbon casks.

24.13% is 5.23 year old peated whisky from 200-litre 1st fill bourbon casks.

12.39% is 5.07 year old unpeated whisky from 135-litre 1st fill bourbon casks.

All casks ex-Heaven Hill & Jack Daniels.

Batch 1/ Tasted: May 2017

The nose is estery and fruity, almost tropical in style with pineapple, apricot, green apple, white fruit and barley. Young and fresh with a subtle saltiness and earthy peatiness. With time a touch of perfumed honey appears along with some slightly grainy oak.

The palate is fresh and almost spritzy with salty white fruit, apricot, pineapple and hints of honey. Very mineral middle with a touch of malt and earthy peat. Long, salty and austere finish with youthful green apple on the finish, along with some subtle peat and oak. Very refreshing.

Langatun Old Deer 46%

Unpeated malt, matured in ex Chardonnay and Sherry casks.

Dist: May 2010 Btl: Feb 2016/ Tasted: Apr 2016

Young and malty aromas with malt extracted and malt biscuits. Well I said it was malty! Beneath a touch of rose petals, spicy sherry can be discerned along with some winey notes. The maltiness does subside with time but that allows the sherry to come to the fore.

The palate opens with rose petal marc-like notes and malt biscuits. Very herbal with heather and provencal garrigue notes. The sherry has a slight boiled sweet character and imparts a little light coffee’d tannin and a touch of treacle on the middle. Good length with lingering heather and garrigue.

Langatun Old Deer 40%

Re-Tasted: June 2016

Nose: Well that’s a bit different! Provencal herbs and malt biscuits along with subtle sherry spice (cinnamon and ginger). A light marc-like note appears as well as a touch of salt.

Palate: Opens with some tart citrus, followed by light honey, malt, Provencal herbs and heather. Lightly treacly sherry comes through on the middle but it’s the herbal notes that take centre stage.

Finish: Long and crisp with the citrus returning, augmented by some soft sherry spice and lingering rose petal marc notes.

Conclusion: Very impressive and unlike a number of European whiskies it seems to have spent a bit of time in oak!

Langatun Old Deer Cask Proof 62.1%

Unpeated malt, matured in ex Chardonnay and Sherry casks.

Dist: May 2010 Btl: Feb 2016/ Tasted: Apr 2016

The nose is fresher than the 46% bottling with a distinct grain-like dried fruit character along with some tight French oak tannins. The sherry is very subtle and adds a touch of prune and raisin before developing more fruitcake notes. Lightly malty and herbal with heather and garrigue.

The palate is intense and winey with more sherry character. Malty and treacly with again raisin, prune and sultana. It’s quite alcoholic but it’s well integrated, however it does mask the finish a little. Finishes with lightly herbal marc-like notes.

Water doesn’t make much change to the nose, possibly emphasising the grain-like notes. On the palate the sherry takes a back seat to the grain-like character and the French oak. A little dry on the finish with lingering herbs and malt biscuits.

Langatun Old Deer Cask Proof 62.8%

Btl: 2016/ Tasted: July 2016

The nose opens with plenty of grippy but soft sherrywood tannins, crisp, grain-like dried fruit and hints of, honeyed chardonnay apple, Provencal herbs and heather. Lightly malty with late hints of warm vanilla and earth. Very well balanced.

The palate is intense and woody with sherried dried fruit, treacle and malt. The woodiness is softened by the warm vanilla notes but the dried grape comes back on the middle. Long and herbal with lingering sweet malt, liquorice and lightly bitter chocolaty tannins.

Water gives the nose a beautiful, silky sheen, whilst emphasising the herbal notes and making them almost rye-like in character. On the palate it makes it wonderfully succulent and brings forward the malt and grain-like dried fruit. A little more taught French oak can be discerned now and the finish is still long and herbal.

Langatun Old Bear 46%

Peated malt, aged in ex-Chateauneuf-du-Pape casks

Dist: May 2010 Btl: Feb 2016/ Tasted: Apr 2016

Scrubby and smoky aromas with heather, garrigue and herbal accented winey notes. Well balanced with hints of barley and rose petals. The herbal notes take on an almost hoppy character and with time a touch of sweet peat smoke appears.

The palate is very herbal and garriguey with rose petals and spicy, winey red fruit. Hints of malt biscuits and mentholated herbs comes through on the middle along with some earthy peat. Good length with lingering menthol, heather and garrigue.

Langatun Old Bear Cask Proof 62.8%

Peated malt, aged in ex-Chateauneuf-du-Pape casks

Dist: May 2010 Btl: Feb 2016/ Tasted: Apr 2016

Bottling at cask strength has really ramped up the wineness! Very intense with malt, sweet red fruit, sweet peat and subtle sweet spices. A touch of smoke appears with time along with some rose petals.

The palate is as winey as the nose suggests with grainy tannic wood spices and dried red fruit. The garrigue and herbal notes are quite subtle and although fairly alcoholic it is well integrated. Now the full force of the garrigue comes through on the finish! Long, coffee’d and malty with lingering Balcones-esque burnt scrub notes.

Water makes the nose a little subtler but still quite winey. On the palate a little more peat can be discerned. More malty with the wine cask just adding a slightly syrupy sheen. Still long with lingering herbal notes. A very unique flavour profile.

Langatun Old Bear Cask Proof 62.4%

Btl: 2016/ Tasted: July 2016

Aromas of winey red fruits, barley, malt and sweet herbs. The peat is quite subtle and herbal with some medicinal notes in the background. Hints of cinnamon, and coffee’d spice appear with time.

The palate opens with the winey red fruit, malt, cereal and wood spice. The Provencal herbal character comes through on the middle. Long and mouth-watering with a huge hit of heather and garrigue, malt and coffee. The toasty oak notes linger along with subtle earthy peat, smoke and burnt herbs.

Water makes the nose softer and subtler (on the wine) with a little more sweet barley and apricot. The palate is maltier, fuller and beautifully integrated. Long and lightly winey now with the spicy red fruit lingering.

Langatun Winter Wedding 46%

A marriage of Old Deer and Old Bear.

Tasted: July 2016

Intense, malty and herbal aromas with coffee, subtle herbal peat and red fruits. It unwinds to show hints of cinnamon, apricot, banana, pepper, rose petals and spicy dried fruit and oak. Lovely depth.

The palate is full and malty with apricot and red fruits mingling with coffee and Provencal herbs. Subtly peated with lightly oiled banana, apricot and a lovely combination of dried red fruit and dried sherried fruit comes through on the middle. Long and spicy with lingering herbs, malt and coffee.

Langatun 400 Jahre Kornhaus Single Cask 49.12%

Bottled to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the distillery building, a former granary.

Ex-chardonnay Cask No45

Dist: Nov 2008 Btl: May 2016/ Tasted: July 2016

An intense and crisp nose with honey, fresh barley, malt, oxidised/ bruised apple, apricot, tangerine and hints of juniper, pine and herbs. The oak is incredibly subtle which allows the spirit character to shine.

The palate is full and barley’d with hints of vanilla and honey. Hints of white fruit and crisp apple follow. Lightly malty and herbal on the middle with a touch of coffee’d oak and subtle treacle. Long and lightly spiced with hints of French oak tannins and lingering ,malt and coffee.

Langatun Jacob’s Dram 49.12%

Single Pinot Noir Cask No 97

Dist: Sept 2009 Btl: Jun 2016/ Tasted: Mar 2017

Intense, earthy, winey red fruit aromas with perfumed barley and hints of marzipan, coffee and red berries. With time a light smokiness appears along with the classic Provencal-esque herbal notes and straw.

The palate opens with the sweet red berries, milk chocolate and chunky, grainy coffee’d wood tannins. Subtle heather and Provencal-esque herbs come through on the middle and the finish is long with the red fruit lingering along with the milk chocolate and coffee. Lovely intensity and balance.

Langatun 2010 (6 year old) ‘The White House’ 45%

Chardonnay & CNdP cask/ Dist: Oct 2010 Btl: Nov 2016/ Tasted: May 2017

A dense. herbal and oily nose with malt, barley and a subtle winey note. Hints of biscuits, white fruit, marzipan, toasty vanilla and musky floral notes follow.

The palate is soft and barley’d with the usual, subtle Provencal herbal character. Lovely depth and complexity with vanilla, butterscotch, white fruit, chocolate-malt and vanilla ice cream. Gentle, spicy finish with lingering oak, chewy malt and a smidge of drying tannins.

Langatun Sauternes Finish 2010 (6 year old) 49.12%

Cask 283/ Dist: Dec 2010 Btl: Aug 2017/ Tasted: Dec 2017

Aromas of burnt/ toasted grape and edgy dried apricot. Subtly herbal with thyme, wild honey and a touch of floral barley, light peat smoke and orange blossom honey. The sauternes is very dominant.

Burnt/ toasted grape and herbal dried fruit on the palate with caramel, honey and edgy, herbal spices. Intense and grippy, tannic middle and a dry finish with lingering herbal honey and a coffee’d after-taste. Like the nose, the palate is overly Sauternes dominated.

Langatun 2011 (6 year old) Oloroso Sherry Finished 49.12%

Initial maturation in ex-Chardonnay casks, finished for 10 weeks in ex-First Fill Oloroso

Dist: Dec 2011 Btl: Aug 2017/ Tasted: Dec 2017

Enveloping aromas of coffee’d first fill Oloroso and treacle, but some sharper citrus notes balance. Hints of barley appear and with time the sherry becomes quite grapey and chocolaty with orange conserve, toasted walnuts, green cashew and thyme.

The palate is coffee’d and grapey with treacle and herbal Oloroso. Hints of dark chocolate and more treacle emerge. Long and juicy with lingering green cashew, peanut, raisinated grape and coffee. Although the palate is exceptionally clean it doesn’t quite display the balance of the nose.

Langatun 2011 (6 year old) Quinta do Zambujeiro Cask 49.12%

Dist: Dec 2011 Btl: Aug 2017/ Tasted: Dec 2017

The nose is delightfully juicy and winey with redcurrant/ berry and hints of soft spice. The classic, Provencal, herbal character of the spirit comes through along with a touch of barley. Superbly balanced and elegant with late earth and vanilla notes.

The palate is wonderfully natural and earthy. Showing the same balance of Provencal herbal sprit character, barley and subtle wine notes that the nose suggests. Wonderfully berried middle with late red fruit and spice, but still the spirit character isn’t overwhelmed. Long with coffee, woody spice, chocolate and lingering red fruit.


Brenne French Whisky 10 year old, 1st Edition 48%

Matured in new Limousin oak barrels before being finished in Cognac casks

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Now that’s an unusual nose! Earthy and lightly manurey with straw and violets. Quite winey with coffee, heather, gorse and a multitude of herbal notes.

Palate: Soft and densely honeyed with herbal coffee, violets and a touch of manure. Very herbal on the middle with hints of straw, sour apricot and pears soap!

Finish: Long and very heathery with hints of juniper, coriander and green pepper in the finish.

Conclusion: That’s weird but I kind of like it!

Brenne Estate Cask 40%

Single Cask

Tasted: Feb 2016

Nose: Very herbal with aniseed and a touch of perfumed white fruit and honey.

Palate: Loaded with bubblegummy white fruit, confected pineapple, aniseed, crème soda and spices.

Finish: Medium length with lingering cream soda notes.

Conclusion: I can’t say I’m a huge fan of cream soda with my whisky!