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Five, Brecon Vodka, 40%

Tasted: Aug 2008

Called 5 because it is distilled in a five column still. I’d suggested ignoring the horrendous label. It’s trying to look like some kind of funky Scandinavian vodka. I much preferred the original label featuring a welsh dragon, at least it was proud of where it came from and tried to stand out because of this, now it’s trying to blend into the mass of ‘trendy’ vodkas that adorn the shelves…. Shame! 

Anyway, packaging aside, it’s what’s inside the bottle that’s important. It’s slightly oily and grainy on the nose. Soft and smooth becoming a touch floral over time. On the palate it is nice and soft and very slightly sweet. It has that crisp, edgy, grainy, spirity character of the Russian Vodka, but without the harsh acetone/nail varnish like note -it’s very soft and smooth. Like the nose it becomes a bit floral and finishes with a slight salty note. Unlike Russian Standard Vodka this is actually quiet pleasant to drink neat and at £16.95 is definitely a bargain. 

Five, Brecon Vodka 43%

Btl: 2011/ Tasted: Dec 2011

Newly re-packaged, thankfully and bottled at a higher abv.

The nose is quite full and cerealy with a lovely creaminess. Still slightly floral but less grainy now with a greater degree of roundness with an earthy, slightly whisky like undertone. 

The palate is soft, slightly sweet and very creamy. Like the nose it is full and cerealy with the creaminess of the spirit continuing. However the grain does nip pleasantly on the middle leaving a fresh citrus finish. The elevated level of alcohol certainly adds a lovely creamy texture and a greater degree of intensity……….. And I’m so glad they have ditched that horrendous packaging in favour of an altogether classier look.