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Reyka Vodka Tasting Notes

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Icelandic, Vodka

Reyka Vodka 40%

William Grant

Is a small batch vodka produced in Iceland using a process that includes the filtration through lava rock. Made in one of only six carter head stills in the world, this is made from a mixture of wheat and barley.

Tasted: Nov/ Dec 2013

The nose is quite pungent with oily cereal and hints of burnt wood and earth. With time it becomes very herbal with an almost bog myrtle-like note.  

The apalate is soft and vanilla’d, again not as complex as the nose. Quite oily with a light herbal note. Good length with citrus and lightly bitter spices along with an almost cucumber-like note. A very interesting nose, however that complexity doesn’t carry through to the palate.