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Da Mhile Organic Gin 42%

Distilled in Wales using 18 botanicals, including juniper, red and white clover, coriander, gorse, rose petal, dandelion, clove, peppermint, fennel, star anise and angelica.

Tasted: Jan 2017

Pungent, almost starchy spirit aromas with earthy juniper, rose, coriander, clove, pepper and peppermint. A very ‘natural’ nose.

The palate is soft, full and starchy with a subtle juniper character and hints of bitter spice, earth, floral rose and pepper. Long and spicy finish with lingering rose petals and a distinct peppery bite.

Da Mhile Seaweed Gin 42%

The organic gin is infused for 3 weeks with seaweed

Tasted: Jan 2017

The nose is subtler and oilier than the organic. Again slightly starchy with hints of juniper, seaweed (black seaweed with pods), salt, clove and coriander.

The palate is full and oily with again a subtle juniper character and hints of seaweed, salt, coriander, bitter spice, pepper and peppermint. Lovely intensity with a slightly dry, bitter spice finish.


Brecon Special Reserve Gin 40%

Tasted: Aug 2008

Definitely better packaged than the Vodka. It has an amazing freshness to the nose. Refreshing and very citrusy. Seems very complex with lemon, juniper, coriander and an underlying woody/bark spiciness.

Really clean and flavoursome on the palate, tangy and cirtusy initially followed by the nutmeg and cassia bark and liquorice. This is rather enjoyable and has a lovely spicy finish.