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Copperhead Gin Tasting Notes

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Belgian Gin, Gin

Copperhead Gin 40%

Mr. Copperhead, according to the company was an alchemist who was searching for the elixir of life. During his experiments he distilled the following five botanicals – juniper, cardamom, orange peel, angelica and coriander in his copper pot still and lo, a myth or a gin was born. This gin, however was created by Yvan Vindevogel, a famous Belgian pharmacist who was interested in the medicinal properties of gin.

Tasted: Mar 2017

The nose is quite herbal with noticeable juniper, coriander and orange. It has a pleasant citrus/ spice balance, although the spices come across as slightly musty.

The palate is slightly perfumed with sweet juniper and noticeable coriander. Hints of orange on the middle. Good length with lingering citrus and a slight bitter spice bite.

Copperhead Black Edition 42%

Made with adding elderberry and black Ceylon tea to the standard five botanicals.

Tasted: Mar 2017

The nose is pungent and manuery with no shortage of black, slightly bitter tea leaves. There’s a hint of juniper but the tea notes dominate.

The palate isn’t quite the black tea overkill of the nose and shows more sweet juniper. Lightly mentholated with the black tea character being more integrated. Hints of bitter elderberry on the middle and the orange comes through on the finish. It’s unusual to say the least.


DuinGin Tasting Notes

Posted: April 21, 2017 in Belgian Gin, Gin

GINIUS The Flemish Nr1 50%

Tasted: Nov 2016

Nose: Quite oily with contained ‘off the still’ notes. Complex botanicals include juniper, lemon, verbena, angelica, orange peel, marjoram and coriander.

Palate: Complex and very herbal with marjoram, juniper, angelica, orange, coriander and verbena.

Finish: Long and intense with lingering sweeter juniper, citrus, slightly bitter cardamom and liquorice

Conclusion: Impressively balanced and complex.

1836 Premium Organic Gin 43%

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose: Pungent and slightly soapy with lemon, camomile, angelica, liquorice and a touch of burnt wood spice and creamy spirit.

Palate: Soft and creamy with more spirit character on show. Subtle juniper follows with pepper and again burnt wood spices which start to bitter early.

Finish: Long with hints of coriander and lingering juniper and bitter spices (surprise!)

Conclusion: Pleasant enough.