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Orujo de Galicia, Pazo de Senorans 42%

Aguadiente produced from the Albarinio grape.

Tasted: June 2013

A lovely nose of soft, fleshy white fruit with a touch of sweetness along with hints of straw and perfumed rose petals. With time a little dunnagey spice becomes noticeable. 

Soft and full on the palate with apricot and white fruit notes. Lightly perfumed with rose petal and dunnage notes. Slightly spritzy on the middle with a long, mineral and light spice finish. Lovely intensity and cleanliness with the rose petal notes lingering. 

Aguadiente Hierebas, Pazo de Senorans 37.5%

Aguadiente produced from the Albarinio grape, flavoured post second distillation with camomile, bitter orange skins, coriander, green verberna and anis.

Tasted: June 2013

Very fruity (apricot) aromas, with plenty of herb encrusted honey! There is a very gentle orange note plus undertones of camomile and anis. Quite pungent with a dusty violet note emerging. 

Unctuous and honeyed, again the camomile and anis are particularly noticeable along with the lightly spiced apricot and white fruit. The sweetness build towards the middle but is countered by its minerality, which leaves a very crisp, cleansing, spicy finish.