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Hunter Laing Hepburns Choice Teaninich 2008 (9 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead?/ Code: HEP0298/ Dist: Apr 2008 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

The nose is a little feinty with hints of fragrant barley, vanilla and grass.

The Palate is unfortunately cardboardy and feinty with cereal, citrus and a touch of oak. Medium length with lingering slightly fragrant barley.


Carn Mor Strictly Limited Teaninich 2007 (10 year old) 46%

Bourbon Hogshead/ Dist: 2007 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Mar 2017

The nose is pretty neutral with subtle, hard barley and toffee’d oak. Simple and slightly industrial with a touch of honeysuckle with time.

The palate is like the nose, fairly neutral in character with hints of hard barley and burnt toffee. Again slightly industrial with a suggestion of sweet barley and white liquorice. Dry, austere finish with late sweet barley and grass.

Douglas Laing Directors Cut Teaninich 1973 (40 year old) 48.9%

Sherry/ Code: DIR0080/ Dist: Dec 1973 Btl: June 2014/ Tasted: July 2014

A superb nose of juicy, mature, oxidised Oloroso sherry fruit – sweet dried fig, prune and sultana with hints of hickory, chicory, Seville orange, treacle, malt and grainy coffee. Beautifully deep, majestic, elegant and mature with some sawdusty oak, walnut and burnished mahogany. With time a light perfumed note appears.

The palate is moist and succulent with sultana fruit cake and hints of chocolate, coffee, molasses and walnut. The flavour have a beautiful balance and symmetry with a plethora of dried fruit notes. Hints of perfumed flowers and balancing citrus appear on the middle along with some dark honey and barley. Amazingly long with warming chilli-like spices, sweet pepper, cinnamon and coriander powder coming through. That is a stunningly dusty finish.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Teaninich 1982 (30 year old) 49.3%

Bourbon/ Code: OLP0035/ Dist: Dec 1982 Btl: Aug 2013/ Tasted: Sept 2013

A beautiful fresh bouquet of citrus and old grass. In comes some delightfully sweet and sawdusty oak along with a touch of violet, mature honey, baked fruit, vanilla custard and cashew nuts, all bound together with an ethereal crumbly spice infused light honey. Light, elegant and beautifully balanced!

The palate is light and elegant, opening with the grassy citrus fruit followed by lightly sadusty oak, violets, nuts, toffee and brittle barley. Lovely and crisp on the middle with the honey balancing adroitly. Gently spiced and very long with those wonderfully crumbly spices lingering along with the violets and a late earthy, malty note. Incredibly harmonious and sublimely balanced.

Gordon & MacPhails ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ Teaninch 1996 (15 year old) 46%

Refill Sherry Hogshead/ Dist: 1996 Btl: Oct 2011/ Tasted: May 2012 

The nose displays some pleasant, slightly gristy barley with hints of lime and grass. Quite crisp but not showing much in the way of sherry character bare a slight herbal note. Well balanced nevertheless with some sweet but light honey. 

The palate is quite barley sweet with some sharp lemon/ lime. A bit on the short side and again no real sherry character (it’s that light I thought it was aged in American oak!). A crisp, austere finish. A good nose but an unexciting palate.

Hart Brothers Teaninich 1976 (24 year old) 43%

Bourbon/ Dist; 1976 Btl: 2001/ Tasted: Feb 2003

Clean, lightly oiled nose of apricot fruit and a touch of earth. Very floral with time. Clean, delicate palate. Slightly oily flavours of  American oak, tangerine, apricot, citrus and gentle spice. Good intensity with hints of grass/ hay on the middle along with a granite like hardness. A pleasant aperitif dram.


Dewar Rattray Teaninich 1975 (30 year old) 60.8%

Bourbon cask 9419/ Dist: Aug 1975 Btl: May 2006/ Tasted: June 2006

Rich, deep and gloriously succulent of the nose with vanilla infused apricot and yellow fruits, some oil, butter toffee and lashings of juicy fruit and a pure vanilla pod freshness. Stunning complexity. On the palate it is rich and fruit, quite oily with loads of spicy apricot. There is quite a lot of alcohol for its age but it is beautifully balanced, fruity and creamy with a late vanilla rush. 

A drop of water opens up the nose, emphasizing the clean vanilla fruit and spicy, possibly making it even more buttery. It softens the palate emphasizing the creamy vanilla and oils, it might mellow it but it still has a spicy kick at the finish. I can’t believe that this is 30!

Bladnoch Forum Teaninich 1982 (27 year old) 49.2%

Bourbon Cask 7697/ Dist: 1982 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: Oct 2009

Deep aromas of mature honey, floor polish, lanolin and spices. Amazingly it is still a bit gristy with a core of granity hard cereal and hints of wheat flakes. Delicate and elegant, the oak supports well. 

The palate is gentle and again surprisingly gristy with a distinct sawdust and pure barley husk dust character. Mellow and gentle with oodles of honey and just the right amount of alcohol to balance the dustiness! The finish is fresh and intense and leaves an oily coating to the mouth and a gentle dusting of dried spice. 

With water the honeyaromas become more pronounced, yet it has developed a touch of confectionary sweetness. The palate is a touch watery and a bit so-so, but then out of nowhere comes a burst of old rose petals, Turkish delight and spices. Even so I would prefer to drink this neat.