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Gleann Mor ‘A Rare Find’ Royal Brackla 2006 (10 year old) 59.8%

Refill Sherry?/ Dist: Nov 2006 Btl: Jun 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

Pungent aromas of toffee and honey with hints of barley, vanilla and what feels like subtle herbal Oloroso dried fruit and spice notes. It develops some lovely baked fruit notes and feels a little older than 10 years.

The palate opens with a lovely barley’d intensity, followed by hints of dried fruit and bitter spice. A touch of honey balances the bitterness and hints of vanilla and pepper appear on the middle. A little masked on the finish but the spices linger.

A drop of water emphasises the vanilla and brings out the natural oiliness of the spirit. On the palate it emphasises the honey and vanilla and brings out soft apricot and tangerine notes. Subtler on the spice but the finish is pleasantly honeyed now.


Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask Royal Brackla 1998 (18 year old) 50%

Refill Bourbon Barrel/ Code: OMC2642/ Dist: May 1998 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Mar 2017

A softly spiced and deliciously honeyed nose with white fruit and barley. The sweetness is well balanced by a fresh citric note appearing . With time hints of straw and coffee’d oak.

The palate is considerably maltier and darker with a distinct baked fruit character. However the citrus note found on the nose, is here on the palate and along with a subtle minerality adds vibrancy. Hints of vanilla and barley. Long with the oak and barley becoming quite fragrant and lightening the finish.

Royal Brackla 16 year old 40%

Tasted: Nov 2015

Nose: Quite mature and oily aromas with a little fragrant oak and barley. A good dollop of stewed fruit follows along with hints of lime, apple and vanilla.

Palate: Oily and barley’d with drying tannins, coffee and stewed fruit. Mature and lightly earthy with some balancing, creamy, slightly sawdusty American oak.

Finish: Good length with the light honey balancing the drier oak notes.

Conclusion: Gentle and mature. The perfect dram, to unwind to after a hard day at the office!

Royal Brackla 21 year old 40%

Tasted: Jan 2017

Nose: Intense and coffee’d with balsamic, earthy sherry, prunes, raisins and hints of Bovril. A lovely thread of tart citrus opens the nose to show vanilla, walnut and dark chocolate.

Palate: Full and coffee’d with grainy sherry wood, treacle, malt, raisin, sultana and prune. Bitters slightly on the middle as the dark chocolate and cocoa powder notes emerge.

Finish: Long, mouth-watering and citric with a touch of ginger amongst the ark chocolate. Wonderfully sweet and spicy.

Conclusion: Complex, balanced and impressive.

Carn Mor Strictly Limited Royal Brackla 2001 (14 year old) 46%

Sherry Hogshead/ Dist: 2001 Btl: 2015/ Tasted: Nov 2015

Fresh and citric aromas with some gorgeously sweet barley, apricot, gooseberry, lime and a little castor sugar to balance the citrus. A little soapy perhaps but the vivacity of the citrus distracts.

The palate has a greater barley accent and more milky oak along with a touch of toffee. Like the nose the vibrant citrus comes through to freshen. Lovely, thick, juicy barley’d middle. Intense finish with the citrus returning and finishing with a little coffee’d oak notes.

Carn Mor Strictly Limited Royal Brackla 2001 (15 year old) 46%

Refill Sherry Hogshead/ Dist: 2001 Btl: 2016/ Tasted: May 2016

Crisp, fresh and grassy aromas with white fruit. It comes across as being younger than its age with hints of honey, biscuits and malt. The sherry notes are very subtle and add a smidge of spice.

The palate is fuller and fruitier with apricot, apple, banana and barley. Moist, malty and slightly treacly with a touch more sherry character than the nose would suggest. Good, fresh, mineral finish.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Royal Brackla 1999 (12 year old) ‘Royal Jubilee Bottling’ 50%


Code: OMC2123/ Dist: Oct 1999 Btl: Mar 2012

Tasted: Mar 2012/ The nose opens with some pleasant dusty spices. Cinnamon coated luscious, oily apricot, honey and nut kernel with hints of citrus and vanilla oak. The palate is soft with dusty spice, lightly oiled honeyed apricot and a distinct walnut note in the finish along with a touch of bitter chocolate.

Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice Royal Brackla 1998 (15 year old) 46%

Refill Sherry Casks/  Dist: 1998 Btl: 2013/ Tasted: Jan 2014

The aromas are soft and sweetly spiced with a touch of baked apple to begin with. Gently sherry notes mingle with liquorice root, crisp barley, mentholated herbs and coal smoke. With time some granity notes comes through.

The palate is crisp and barley laden with a soft fruitiness – apricot, sweet apple and pear. Like the nose it is gently spiced with a light creaminess and a touch of banana on the middle. Lovely intensity with a mineral/ stony finish which is balanced by the sherry sweetness so it doesn’t become too austere.

Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice Royal Brackla 1998 (16 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Casks/ Dist: 1998 Btl: 2014/ Tasted: Feb 2015

Lovely aromas of fragrant honey, estery pineapple, apricot and pollen heavy flowers. A little soapy but that note is well integrated and with time some sweet vanilla and granite appears.

The palate opens with the sweet vanilla, barley and juicy apricot and melon. Very stony on the middle and displaying a lovely intensity. Long and juicy with the honey and oak returning along with a light hint of smoke.

Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice Royal Brackla 1998 (16 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Casks & Refill Sherry Hogsheads/ Dist: 1998 Btl: 2014/ Re-Tasted: Nov 2016

The nose is aromatic and full with thick set honey and a subtle sherry sweetness. Hints of sugar coated apricot appears along with hints of herbs, nuts and vanilla.

The palate pretty much mirrors the nose with plenty of honey and subtle sherry notes. Full and rich with herbs, nuts, liquorice and a touch of malt. Slightly granity on the middle with a long, intensely spicy finish with subtle herbal and vanilla notes.

Gordon & MacPhails ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ Royal Brackla 1991 (17 year old) 46%

Refill Sherry/ Dist: June 1991 Btl: Apr 2009/ Tasted: June 2011

A lovely, perfumed, engrossing nose of sweet, sugar coated light sherry influenced fruit. Quite herbal with some pleasant malty-honeyed moments. Very full and aromatic, developing hints of xmas cake and brandy butter.

The palate is soft and succulent. Subtle refill sherry in a moist xmas cake style mingles with some rich fruit, herbal and brandy butter. Very polished with a balancing nip of alcohol. Long, mouth watering granity-honeyed finish with the herbal nuances returning. All in all this is a lovely medium to full bodied Spey.

Gordon & MacPhails ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ Royal Brackla 1995 (17 year old) 46%

Refill Sherry/ Dist: June 1995 Btl: Aug 2011/ Tasted: Mar 2012

A slightly perfumed and very subtly sherried nose. Pleasantly soft and rounded with hints of barley, cream soda, spice and earth.

The palate opens with a pleasant degree of citrus fruit which gives it some verve along with a sharp edge. Gentle barley and subtle sherry notes follow. Quite full with plenty of sweet, fleshy fruit and balancing piquant alcohol. Good length with a hint of vanilla and spice in the finish. Excellent value for money.

Gordon & MacPhail ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ Royal Brackla 1999 (18 year old) 46%

Refill American Oak Hogshead/ Dist: 1999 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Feb 2018

Aromatic and quite mature with straw, apricot, honey and subtle, sawdusty oak. Gently mineral with a fresh, citric edge.

The palate opens with subtle toffee’d oak, minerals and citrus. Lovely balance with a touch of white liquorice and white fruit on the middle. Long and a little austere but the white fruit and subtle honey balances. Good mature oak after-taste.

Gordon & MacPhails Connoisseurs Choice Royal Brackla 1974 (25 year old) 40%

Dist: 1974 Btl: 1999/ Tasted: Apr 2004

Quite a sweet nose of candied fruit, bourbon oak, honey, spices and a touch of peat. Full and soft on the palate. Fruity with honey and some subtle spices. Quite weighty with a crisp and slightly peat middle. Mouth watering finish with a citrus-orange finale.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Royal Brackla 1999 (11 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0688/ Dist: Oct 1999 Btl: July 2011/ Tasted: July 2011

The nose displays a good depth of gristy honey and orange/ tangerine fruit, along with a hint of banana and well integrated oak. With time some seriously malty notes emerge. 

The palate is soft and honeyed, opening into a hay/ straw and gristy spice middle. In fact the middle is very spicy (of the powdery variety) with some hints of walnut. A reasonable length but the alcohol dries out the finish.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Royal Brackla 1999 (11 year old)

Refill Bourbon Hogshead 6819/ Dist:1999 Btl: Autumn 2010/ Tasted: Aug 2012

A youthful, earthy, cereal nose with a touch of pepper and some perfumed rose water. Slightly sugared and relatively straightforward but pleasant.

A youthful palate with soft cereal and a touch of rose petal marc. Again a bit on the simple side with a slight pepper note in the finish. Again pleasant in an unassuming way.