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Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask Glenlossie 1997 (19 year old) 54.2%

Bourbon Hogshead 6749/ Dist: Nov 1997 Btl: Apr 2017/ Tasted: May 2017

Pleasantly mature and straw-like aromas with fragrant barley, malt and wood spices. Hints of darker toffee appear along with uber soft but chunky vanilla. The oak does become a little dominating and dusty but a touch of citrus injects some freshness.

The palate opens with the creamy oak and zesty citrus. There’s a real battle going on between the oak and the spirit, but the citrus, aided by the alcohol eventually holds the high ground. Hints of straw, toffee, white fruits and minerals. The finish is very limey and austere, which implies it’ll need a drop of water.

Diluted the nose becomes wonderfully perfumed with orange and tangerine notes. The oak is relegated to the background. The palate displays more barley and straw. Like the nose the oak influence is subtler and the orange and tangerine notes appear. Superb, juicy finish with a touch of malt and dark spices in the finish now.


Coopers Choice Glenlossie 1997 (17 year old) 46%

Bourbon Cask 7066/ Dist: 1997 Btl: 2015/ Tasted: May 2016

The aromas are mature and straw-like with white peach, pear and apple with a touch of cinnamon and buttery oak.

The palate opens with loads of sweet, toffee’d oak. Some apricot, barley and gingery spice attempts to fight its way through the mountains of oak but the creamy oak is omnipresent and suffocating, and that’s about it.

Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlossie 1997 (17 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2497/ Dist: Nov 2007 Btl: July 2015/ Tasted: Aug 2015

The aromas are full and very barley’d with slabs of luscious, thick honey, lime/ lemon and grass. Hints of malt, shortbread and vanilla appear. With time the citrus really power through. A delightful nose!

Fuller on the palate with the honey showing even more density! Again barley led with the grapefruit, lime and lemon notes quite hidden but they add freshness. Buttery oak and vanilla arrives on the middle but the balance is absolutely spot on! Long, spicy and grassy with the honey and citrus lingering. Classic!


Hunter Laing Hepburns Choice Glenlossie 2007 (9 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: HEP0266/ Dist: Nov 2007 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: July 2017

The nose is a little rough and malty. Quite herbal with a rye-like denouement and subtle oak and cereal.

Not quite as rough on the palate, but there is a slight feinty note, along with cereal, malt and subtly sweet fruit. Medium length with green apple, rye-like herbs. Slightly austere and drying finish.

Diageo Flora & Fauna Glenlossie 10 year old 43%

Refill Sherry(?)/ Tasted: June 2012

The nose opens with some gristy barley, white fruit and some rather pleasant, brittle honey, but then the sherry oak arrives, dampening and adding a touch of coffee. With time some grassy notes do appear and the aromas become slightly oily. 

Soft and toffee’d on the palate with a touch of crisp, gristy barley but just like the nose the earthy refill sherry curtails any further distillery character development. Relatively straightforward and although the sherry character is quite light it blankets. Good length with a light molasses/ treacle sweetness on the finish.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Glenlossie 1997 (17 year old) 48.4%

Bourbon/ Code: OLD0236/ Dist: Nov 1997 Btl: Aug 2015/ Tasted: Sept 2015

An ozone fresh and citric nose with some beautifully fragrant lemon drizzled barley and honey. Hints of dusty oak and almonds appear with time.

The palate shows more barley and feels a little weightier. Certainly there are more toasty and toffee’d oak notes but a thread of crisp citrus adds freshness and balance. Long, chewy, honeyed and malty finish with almond paste and thick, set, unsweetened honey.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Glenlossie 1997 (19 year old) 50.9%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: OLD0494/ DL12017

Dist: Nov 1997 Btl: Aug 2017/ Tasted: Oct 2017

The nose is lovely and aromatic and shows plenty of mature oak, honeysuckle, apricot and vanilla cream. Yes, it’s quite oak dominated but there’s a pleasant seam of barley and late hints of lime and gooseberry to add freshness.

The palate is a little fresher to begin with, opening with the citrus, before the oak arrives, brining plenty of mature vanillins. Quite a full and barley’d middle and a long creamy and citric finish. Soft, granulated sugar after-taste.


Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlossie 1993 (18 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2113/ Dist: Sept 1993 Btl: Feb 2012/ Tasted: Feb 2012

A light, slightly gristy nose with hints of baked apples and vanilla oak. Quite pleasant with some soft, loamy spices.

The palate is fresh and slightly botanical with some barley sugar and malty notes. Long with a zesty, fresh, botanical finish.


Berry Brothers Glenlossie 1992 (23 year old?) 46%

Cask 3472/ Dist: 1992 Btl: 2015/ Tasted: Mar 2016

Nose: Bright, crisp barley and tropical apricot, pineapple, mango, lime and lemon. Evocative and utterly gorgeous. Just the barest hint of oak allows the mature spirit character to shine.

Palate: Sharp, citric and stony with dusty pollen heavy barley and again subtle oak. The tropical fruit notes battle through the layers of citrus and although not as enthusiastic as the nose would suggest theyre still delightful.

Finish: Long, fresh and citric with lingering tropical fruit and mineral notes.

Conclusion: A beautiful, mature Spey.

Berry Bros Glenlossie 1975 (35 year old) 49.7%

Bourbon Cask 5951/ Dist: 1975 Btl: 2010/ Tasted: July 2011

A stunningly mature nose, full of earth, dunnage floors and old wood overlaying some delightfully luscious, sweet orange fruit. With time the orange notes become more dominant and some late mature honey joins in.

Soft and lightly honeyed on the palate. Less complex than the nose but lovely nevertheless. Good depth. Very long with hints of lilly and elderflower. Quite sugary now but the alcohol balances. In conclusion: A superb nose. The palate possibly doesn’t quite reach the heights, but it’s still exceptionally good and the finish lasts for ages!

Murray McDavid Maverick Glenlossie 1993 (11 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ White wine(?)/ Dist: 1993 Btl: 2004/ Tasted: Mar 2006

Far too young. It reeks of ‘off the still’ cereal with a touch of smoke, creamy oak, summer fruits and straw. Dry, light bodied, very youthful, slightly creamy with a touch of smoke. A rather  unremarkable palate which lacks any real depth.

Duncan Taylor Whisky Galore Glenlossie 1993 (14 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Dist: 1993 Btl: Feb 2007/ Tasted: July 2007

A big, rich nose of Madeira laced fruitcake and huge globs of natural caramel along with toffee apple, floor polish, waxy dried fruit, citrus peel and soft spices. The palate is rich, soft and very oily. Full of natural caramel, butter toffee and soft spices. One thinks there’s just too much wood here!

A drop of water does improve things a bit the oak is pushed back allowing the oily orange fruits to show on the nose. However it does make the palate somewhat watery and those wood tannins still dry the palate out and leave you with a sensation of licking out the cask!

Dewar Rattray Glenlossie 1992 (18 year old) 56.1%

Bourbon Cask 3441/ Dist: 1992 Btl: 2011/ Tasted: Aug 2011

Quite a heavy and oily nose for a ‘lossie with no shortage of vanillins and toasted oak. This is by no means an oak monster as a beautiful floral perfume emerges with some musky notes. With time the fruit really starts to emerge – macerated apricots, lemon and orange fruit along with some light but mature honey.

The palate is oily and a touch on the tannic side. The alcohol emphasises that dryness but there’s a depth of honeyed fruit along with grassy and mineral notes. A slightly tart lemon finish with a slight minty/ menthol after taste.

Diluted the nose is beautiful. Still perfumed but the orange fruit has become very silky and liquor-like. It displays a wonderful maturity but there is still a lovely crystalline edge. The palate has become soft and a touch milky, maybe a touch less intense but the depth of mouth-filling apricot fruit is a joy. Very long with the alcohol drying the finish out a smidge, but all in all a lovely mature Spey.