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Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlivet 2001 (10 year old) 50%

Sherry/ Code: OMC2253/ Dist:Sept 2001 Btl: May 2013/ Tasted: June 2013

A distinctly first fill Oloroso nose! Very leafy and herbal with hints of sage, camphor, light herbal coffee and more herbs! Lightly balsamic and dunnagey with some luscious orange and dried fruit. 

The palate opens with dried grape and sultanas with coffee and dark chocolate. A very minor sulphur blemish is evident unfortunately. Nutty an lightly floral with some barley and balsamic notes. Quite a smoky finish with duty spices and wood tannins.


Douglas McGibbon Provenance Glenlivet 2001 (11 year old) 46%

Sherry/ Code: PRV0989/ Dist: Sept 2001 Btl: Apr 2013/ Tasted: May 2013

Aromas of nutty sherry with hints of baked fruit and balsamic notes. Pleasantly spiced with a touch of rich, sherried dried fruit. 

The palate is full and sherried, again quite nutty with prune, raisin, malt and a touch of balsamic baked fruit. Good length with a liquorice, treacle and herbal finish.

Speyside Distillery Scott’s Selection Glenlivet 1980 (31 year old) 45.5

Bourbon/ Dist: 1980 Btl: 2011/ Tasted: July 2011

Quite pungent with an almost peaty nuance. Well endowed in the white liquorice department with hints of white root vegetables! With time the granity hardness becomes more apparent as does the barest hint of some honey. Very intriguing! 

Soft, gentle, full and rounded on the palate. Subtly fruity and like the nose quite granity. A little bit on the simple side but a great depth however. A good length with the granity character lingering. In conclusion: A seriously intriguing nose and a subtle palate. Very Highland-esque

Wilson & Morgan Glenlivet 75-06 31 year old 40%

Sherry Cask 10850/ Tasted: Sept 2007

Rich and slightly vegetal aromas of green nuts, coffee, hickory and honied mature orange fruit. Only gripe is that it is a bit raw and edgy. The palate is rich with Cognac-esque dried fruit mingle with cinnamon, orange fruit and spices. Like the nose it’s a bit raw and edgy. Great length with the intense dried fruit flavours lingering. It definitely belies its age. A bit on the raw side and for me just lacks subtlety. But I’m sure it will appeal to sherry lovers

Queen of the Moorlands Rare Cask ‘The Chairman’s Bottling’ Glenlivet 30 year old 54%

Sherry/ Tasted: Oct 2006

A rich, oily and sherried nose, just this side of vegetal. There is plenty of Cognac-esque dried fruit, orange liqor, soft spices and coffee. The palate is much like the nose, rich and densly sherried with hints of gingerbread and soft spices. Pretty intense stuff with lots of wood notes and tannins on the finish.

Water mutes the intensity of the nose, but emphasises the orange fruit, whilst on the palate it becomes very pleasantly honeyed with a floral finish.

Murray McDavid Mission Series V Glenlivet 1974 (31 year old) 46%

Tasted; Nov 2005

Clean, crisp and slightly estery with light cream and vanilla giving way to the ripest summer berries and barley sugar followed by hints of lemon and lime and an enticing spicy perfumed note, then it is back to the heavier almond, coconut and vanilla notes.

Dry, medium bodied, very elegant with a complex intensity of vanilla, soft fruit, spices, coconut and almonds. The spice builds on the middle and fades leaving a soft barley sugar finish with a crisp salty freshness. All the time you are aware of the background of quality American oak. Stunning balance, gentle and very, very complex.

Murray McDavid Celtic Heartlands Glenlivet 1977 (33 year old) 47.8%

Bourbon – Yquem/ Dist: 1977 Btl: 2010/ Tasted: Dec 2010

A huge, rich, tropical nose of banana, apricot, tangerine, kumquat and kiwi. Sublimely balanced with hints of sawdusty vanilla oak and a background of toffee sweetness. One could sniff this all day, it really is a stunning old dram, dripping in natural honey and with just a mere hint of the finishing cask.

The palate mirrors the nose. It is resplendent in its mature tropical fruit and sawdusty oak. The piquant-ish alcohol nips and cleans as the mouth watering fruit and toffee sweetness moves in. Exceedingly long and generous with the tropical fruit returning with a lovely honey/ malty glaze, or maybe it never left!?! Oooh the finish goes on and on and on!! A simply stunning old Glenlivet, which is worth every penny.

Murray McDavid Celtic Heartlands Glenlivet 1968 (36 year old) 41.2%

Bourbon Oak/ Dist: 1968 Btl: 2004/ Tasted: Sept 2004

A clean, toasty, biscuity nose with soft delicate aromas of marzipan, peach and pear. Followed by lots and lots of toasty creamy fudge aromas, with hints of angelica, sherry and salt. The palate was soft and clean with layer upon layer of sweet toasted cereal, apricot fruit, intermingled with angelica, toffee and citrus fruits. A very tangy, almost floral finish, which seems to linger endlessly.

James MacArthur Old Masters Glenlivet 28 year old 53.6%

Bourbon/ Tasted: Dec 2006

Very floral on the nose, quiet oily, deep and complex with mature orange fruit, delicate spice, liquorice, beeswax all wrapped in a blanket of luxurious honey. I could sniff this all day!

On the palate it is soft and quiet nutty with smooth, delicate fruit, wood tannins, spice, liquorice and a late touch of mature honey. Very long with a floral note in the finish and a touch of peat. There really is no need for any water, but if you do add some it emphasises its floral character on the nose and brings it all together in one harmonious smoothness on the palate.

James MacArthur Old Masters Glenlivet 1996 (12 year old) 57.8%

Sherry Cask 906680/ Dist: 1997 Btl: 2008/ Tasted: July 2009

Quiet an aromatic nose. Full of delightfully floral orange fruit and liquid honey. It seems more mature than 12 years old. Those honeyed aromas deepen wonderfully and hints of citrus, apricot, straw, earth, coffee and wood spices emerge. Over time it develops a gorgeous floral/ creamy butter-toffee oak note.

On the palate it is soft and full of liquid honey, straw, orange/ apricot fruit and lots of alcohol. Good length with hints of grass/ citrus and a late spice burst.

A drop of water emphasises the creamy vanilla and coffee aromas, whilst on the palate it becomes gorgeously mouth filling and juicy. A damn fine cask! I was actually quiet surprised to find out that this was a sherry cask as the wood influence is very minimal.

James MacArthur Old Masters Glenlivet 30 year old 57.6%

Bourbon Cask/ Tasted: July 2009

Light, earthy aromas of honey coated apricot fruit, spice and bark. Over time the spices become increasingly dusty. Very impressive depth. Lovely age and complexity. It develops a violet/ floral note and the vanilla become delightfully buttery. Water emphasises the herbal honey and crumbly spices. Yum!

The palate is oily, dry and light with some honeyed fruit and earthy spices. Alcohol dominates and it’s not as complex as the nose suggests. Water brings out the lush honey coated barley and the oily citrus fruit. Wonderfully soft and mouth filling. Long, but a bit hot. Water softens and mellows. Showing its age with the herbal honey running to the end. In conclusion – Great nose, really expressive. The palate is not so complex. It still quite good though.

Hart Brothers Glenlivet 1968 (34 year old) 50.6%

Bourbon/ Dist: Oct 1968 Btl: Jan 2003/ Tasted: Nov 2009

A nose heavy on the mature wood/ sawdust notes which takes awhile to allow anything else through but when it does there is some lovely orange conserve fruit, mature honey and a granite note. Over time it becomes more herbal with a violety perfume.

The palate is quite like the nose starting off quite woody and earthy with a touch of hessian and tannin. The liquid orangearrives with a crisp almost saline intensity and a very salty mid palate ensues along with some spicy wood notes and some pure Madagascan vanilla pod, leather and a slight crème caramel note. Quite woody but well balanced.

Water brings out a lovely sweetness to the fruit along with some coffee notes and emphasising the perfume and spice. However it does shorten the palate however.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlivet 2001 (10 year old) 50%

Sherry/ Code: OMC2157/ Dist: Sept 2001 Btl: Apr 2012/ Tasted: Apr 2012

A rich, full, spicy and leafy Oloroso nose with hints of liquorice, treacle and a touch of smoke. Very clean but with a slight spirity note. 

The palate is dry and quite tannic. Earthy along with some juicy sherried fruit, a touch of liquorice and treacle plus plenty of sherry wood spices. Short-ish due to the combination of alcohol and tannins. Again very clean with a slightly perfumed almost grainy after-taste.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glentlivet 2001 (11 year old) 50%

Sherry/ Code: OMC2215/ Dist: Sept 2001 Btl: Nov 2012/ Tasted: Nov 2012

A soft and slight leafy Oloroso nose with plenty of Armagnac-esque dried fruits. Slightly balsamic with dark toffee notes. 

The palate is very herbal and leafy with plenty of camphor, coffee, liquorice and spice. Like the nose it is slightly balsamic with a delightful dried fruit middle, accented by violet notes. Good length with the coffee granules mingling with spice, grist and muscavado sugar, but a light citrus notes stops it from becoming overly sweet.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlivet 1995(16 year old) 50%

Refill Sherry/ Code: OMC2162/ Dist: Sept 1995 Btl: June 2012/ Tasted: June 2012

The nose opens with earthy spice and slightly high toned, youthful (surprisingly) cereally marc, cold tea bags, tobacco, balsamic, a touch of pepper and some very subtle sherry notes. 

The palate follows the nose opening with the earthy spice. There is a touch of dried fruit (a bit fizzy) amongst the balsamic, tobacco notes. A bit short and spirit with hints of drying old oak in the finish.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlivet 1992 (19 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2083/ Dist Apr 1992 Btl: Oct 2011/ Tasted: Oct 2011

A gorgeously mature Speyside nose. Loaded with oodles of honey, spice and orange fruit. Yes there is a touch of botanical spirit but that’s kept under control by the honey and the beautiful, sawdusty oak. Seriously honeyed and wonderfully balanced. 

The palate is full and honeyed. Rich and dense – a real mouthful of honest-to-goodness gently spiced honey, castor sugar coated barley and oak. Piquantly alcoholic on the middle which leads into a mouth-watering finish….. But….. those gorgeous orange honey and spice notes resolutely cling to the mouth before a touch of bitter oak appears but is almost immediately swamped by that lovely mature honey. Superbly balanced and very drinkable.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlivet 1977 (34 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2057/ Dist: Jun 1977 Btl: Aug 2011/ Tasted: Aug 2011

A superb nose. Delicate and delightfully citrus (lemon, lime) in character with a touch of rind along with hints of earth, white flowers and a suggestion of phenolic peat. The lovely fruit sweetness builds wonderfully and is joined by some late oak vanillins. Wonderfully deep and mature.

The palate is ultra-smooth, opening with some softly spied honey which gently coats the mouth. Some granity hard notes appear on the middle along with some mature wood notes. This leads into a softly perfumed finish. Wonderfully long, the fruit is quite unassuming and delicate but it really lingers, as does the sweet spices.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenlivet 1977 (34 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2098/ Dist: Jun 1977 Btl: Dec 2011/ Tasted: Dec 2011

A superb nose of beautifully mature dried fruit along with hints of smoke. As often is the case it moves into exotic, spiced honey accented with lime, lemon, banana, apricot, pineapple and a touch of kiwi fruit. The lovely mature oak is buried under the sheer weight of fruit. The citrus give the nose a lovely freshness and boy does the lime come through. Dense and packed! 

The palate opens with the sweet, mature honey and seeped dried, dark fruits and dark honeycomb with hints of malt and vanilla before the exotic fruits break through. There’s a big hit of cinnamon spice on the middle and we’re onto more dried fruit, walnut, liquorice and vanilla from the oak. A seriously endearing old dram, seriously chewy, dark, spicy and exotic. Definitely one for contemplating after dinner by an open fire!

Duncan Taylor Glenlivet 1970 (39 year old) 54.4%

Bourbon Cask 2003/ Dist: 1970 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: Oct 2009

Initially there is a lot of dry oak on the nose. Slowly a vein of rich, mature honey and juicy barley fight their way through. Over time it becomes quite saw dusty, finally moving into fresh herbal territory.

The palate leads off with the oak, which like the nose is quite drying. There is a suggestion of honey and barley, but that’s rather short lived. Once the alcohol has passed there is some lovely Armagnac-esque dried fruit, walnuts and light oil and it finishes with a dry, resinous quality.

A drop of water brings out some lovely, soft and squidgy orange fruit, but still the oak grips. The palate becomes a shade watery and insubstantial and drifts rather aimlessly into a herbal, woody/ hickory finish.

Duncan Taylor Glenlivet 1970 (39 year old) 54.3%

Bourbon Cask 2002/ Dist: 1970 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: Oct 2009

The nose offers uparomas of delicate maturity. Crisp honey, floor polish, cinnamon, Armagnac-esque dried fruit, lovely elderly orange fruit, sawdust, aged clarified butter and hints of mint. A beautiful nose that has a delicate floral top note.

The palate is soft and mature, opening with the honey and cinnamon spices followed by an abundance of Armagnac-esque dried fruit. The wood bitters it out a bit and the alcohol masks the finish. A touch of water takes the edge of the alcohol and although it simplifies the nose a little it allows the Armagnac-esque fruit to really shine through, bringing out some liquorice wood notes and lengthening.

It’s amazing the difference between sister casks. Cask 2003 was definitely disappointing whereas cask 2002 is fabulous. This just reinforces the point that you should never take any whisky for granted and just because one cask was stunning doesn’t mean that another will be likewise.

Duncan Taylor Glenlivet 1970 (39 year old) 50.9%

Cask 2017/ Dist: 1970 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: Feb 2010

Oh hello, it’s another woody old Glenlivet! ….. But…. This old wood has imparted some seriously complex notes of cinnamon, bark, camp-coffee, chicory and sawdust. The fruit is just about discernable and is of the lovely, silky, honeyed variety, accentuated by a faint salty note.

Thankfully there is a load more fruit on the palate. This is a venerable beastie. Succulent dried fruits ramble amongst the vanillins. Quite rum and raisin like, in fact it puts me in mind of a Guyanan rum. Mellow and crystalline in character before the old wood notes seriously kick in. Although placid, the alcohol is pleasantly nippy and cleansing. Finally some gorgeously mature honey joins the party, but the vanillinsare still singing. Very long, eventually meandering into a dry, sawdust finish. It has to say that this has been bottled in the nick of time, even so it will only appeal to those that like it a bit woody.