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Kilkerran 5 year old ‘Work In Progress’ 46%

Tasted: July 2009

Quiet an oily nose. Obviously youthful with a touch of rose petal marc and coastal notes. It has a beguiling freshness reminiscent of lightly peated Caol Ila. It’s quiet full with lovely yellow fruit, soft spice and a touch of rubber, earthy peat and bog myrtle.

The palate is more rounded than the nose suggests, yet it is still soft and sweetly-fruity with hints of cereal/ barley, rose petal marc and soft spices. The middle is quiet piquant but for such a young malt it is has a lovely balance and is definitely drinkable. Good length with hints of rubber, vanilla, pepper and light peat in the finish.

Kilkerran 6 year old ‘Work In Progress 2’ 46%

Tasted: Aug 2010

Now 6 years old, and although still youthful it is displaying a more rounded character. The nose opens with crisp citrus and white fruits followed by gristy cereal and a slight earthy-peat note, which increases in intensity over time. It is elegant and there is a definite impression of nascent honey along with a slight coastal nuance.

The palate is quite velvety, smooth and rounded with oily coated cereal grains. A short burst of alcohol clears the way for the coastal/ grassy fresh infused, youthful, gentle apricot and tangerine fruit along with the placid earthy-peat and background oak, leading to a lovely coastal finish.

It is still quite linearat the moment, yet it is more rounded than the first bottling, and it is surprising how much it has evolved in just a year.

Kilkerran 7 year old ‘Work In Progress 3’ 46%

Tasted: Sept 2011

A soft and citrusy nose – pure lemon rind notes, followed by brittle honey and a salty twang. This is really maturing well and shows a lovely depth with just a touch of youthful cereal and background oak. With time the cereal note becomes pleasantly sweet.

The palate opens with the soft, yet lithe barley and a touch of toffee. Filling out rather well now with apricot, citrus and brittle honey. There is a lovely salt encrusted lemon intensity on the middle and a long, oily finish, with only just a touch of youthful cereal now and no shortage of pure sea salt.

Another year and it is really developing complexity and character!

Kilkerran 8 year old ‘Work In Progress 4’ 46%

Bourbon/ Tasted: Apr 2013

Aromas of light cereal and perfumed white flowers mingle with barley, tangerine, moist toffee-honey, pear and a sprinkling of brown sugar. It has an almost refill sherry richness with developing notes of salt, manure, fish and crystalised violets. Tasted blind you could be forgiven for thinking you were tasting a young Springbank.

Quite toffee’d to begin with on the palate with some crème caramel. Some softly tart and salty citrus appears on the middle along with a hint of smoke,  barley, light honey, gentle spices and crystalised violets. Late notes of liquorice, very light treacle, chocolate powder and smoke. . Very long with a lingering saltiness.

Kilkerran 8 year old Cask Strength 56.2%

Bourbon/ Tasted: May 2017

Aromas of taught barley, lime, apricot, green apple and a touch of honeysuckle. Gently peated with sweet smoke and a light saltiness. With time hints of malt, vanilla custard powder and shortbread.

The palate opens with the fragrant barley, apricot, apple, and a touch of peat smoke along with some earthy malt and salt. Quite oily in the mouth with hints of wood spice. The finish is a little masked but it finishes with some gristy barley and malt.

A drop of water emphasises the lime, salt and floral notes. Fresher, crisper and more coastal now, with the malty, fruitiness beneath. The palate is like the nose, fresher and saltier with a subtle parma violet note now evident. Long and classically malty with a light smoke, soot and liquorice after-taste.

Kilkerran 8 year old Cask Strength 55.2%

Second Release/ Tasted: Dec 2017

An earthy and malty nose with gritty barley and subtle, earthy peat. Hints of camphor, eucalyptus and aromatic barley follow. Lovely intensity with a late creamy oak note.

The palate shows the same barley intensity as the nose with earth, malt, treacle, vanilla and subtle, earthy peat. Lightly coffee’d and mentholated middle with a slightly masked, but earthy finish.

With water the nose becomes wonderfully aromatic with the fruit (apricot, pineapple) displaying a castor sugar coating. Still quite malty and gritty. On the palate it emphasises the vanilla oak and sweetens the fruit. It also rounds off the grittiness of the barley and brings out a touch more malt, especially on the finish.

Kilkerran 9 year old ‘Work In Progress 5 – Bourbon Wood’ 46%

Bourbon/ Tasted: Oct 2013

A subtle and floral nose with honeysuckle, peach, lightly gristy barley along with hints of pollen, vanilla and lightly coffee’d oak. The barley has a lovely sweet sheen and the salty/ briny notes give it a lovely freshness. With time some banana and citrus fruit becomes evident.

The palate is soft and lightly honeyed with sweet barley and a very light earthy-peat note. Lovely, fleshy banana mingles with coffee’d oak, vanilla and tangerine. The honey notes develop on the middle giving the barley a lovely polished sheen. Good length with a crisp finish of white flowers, light spice and salt.

Kilkerran 9 year old ‘Work In Progress 5 – Sherry Wood’ 46%

Refill Sherry/ Tasted: Oct 2013

A very subtly sherried nose opening with lightly nutty and salted wood notes and creamy barley. (It reminds me of a salted version of the English Whisky) followed by some lovely waxy banana, marzipan, milk chocolate, toffee and a developing milky/ creamy note. The aromas a little more rounded than the Bourbon oaked edition.

The palate is lightly oiled and nutty with hints of toasted treacle and sweet barley, Quite full and again quite subtly sherried with a briny middle and the fruit taking on a waxy demeanour. The tannins build but the honeyed notes balance it brilliantly. Lovely, long, softly spiced finish with a salty after-taste.

Kilkerran 10 year old ‘Work In Progress 6 – Bourbon Wood’ 46%

Tasted: Aug 2014

Full and lightly gristy aromas of fleshy apricot and apple with a lovely lemon twist. Quite fresh and coastal with an earthy, almost light peat intimation along with a robust oak background (some first fill oak?). Possibly not as subtle as WIP5 with a little more green fruit notes. With time a touch of orange, brittle vanilla and light coffee emerges.

The palate is like the nose, fresh but full and robust with fleshy apricot, orange and sweet barley. Lightly honeyed with a touch of white fruit, grippy oak and spice. Again there is more green fruit – apple and kiwi than WIP5. Lovely finish with some soft spice and light salted notes.

Kilkerran 10 year old ‘Work In Progress 6 – Sherry Wood’ 46%

Refill Sherry(?)/ Tasted: Aug 2014

The nose displays plenty of earthy/ coffee’d sherry character with hints of walnut and rum-like dried fruit. The sherry is heavier than the WIP5 and there is an almost, youthful, herbal rye like note, so maybe some first fill Oloroso has been used? Again quite coastal with a touch of iodine, smoke, sweet barley and salt.

The palate is soft and quite toffee’d with milk chocolate coated dried fruit and herbs. Quite sweet and malty with a touch of liquorice and dark honey. Fairly briny on the middle with a lightly smoked and bracingly fresh coastal finish, which is balanced by the treacly sherry notes.

Kilkerran 11 year old ‘Work In Progress 7 – Bourbon Wood’ 54.1%

Tasted: June 2015

The final release in the WIP series.

Beautifully soft and fragrant with succulent barley and sub-tropical apricot and pineapple. Hints of brine, fish oils and manure comes through along with a touch of violets, sumptuous vanilla, grainy oak, crisp citrus and a light grainy herbal note.

The palate is soft but lively with barley, light coffee and more of the oak vanillins. Hints of banana, apricot pineapple, fish oils and earth develop on the middle. Robust and lightly smoked with a bbq meat and drying citrus finish.

A drop of water makes the nose quite subtle and emphasises the citrus and the ‘Springbank-esque’ tannins. The palate is oilier and fuller, showing more of the weighty barley and yellow fruit. Quite malty in fact with a lovely, long, juicy barley finish. A little more peat smoke can be detected in the after-taste along with a little more of the fishy notes.

Kilkerran 11 year old ‘Work In Progress 7 – Sherry Wood’ 46%

Tasted: June 2015

The final release in the WIP series.

A joyfully juicy nose of subtle but fragrant sultana and dried citrus and herbs. Like the Bourbon Wood there is plenty of barley, but it’s a little fresher and brinier with more noticeable astringent peat. With time some creamy vanillins appear along with a pure Colombian coffee bean note.

The palate is fresh, crisp and quite salty with the sherry adding subtle dried fruit notes. Again a lovely barley accented middle with hints of fish oils, earth and dry peat. Lovely intensity with a real, coastal/ citrus cleansing finish and lingering earthy, slightly manurey peat.

Kilkerran 12 year old 46%

70% Bourbon/ 30% Sherry

Btl: 2016/ Tasted: Aug 2016

The nose is oily and barley’d with hints of straw, grass, salt, earthy-peat and toasty oak. With time the sherry cask notes appear adding hints of dried prune, cherry and hints of coffee.

The palate opens with the sherried fruit, followed by citrus, barley, butterscotch and vanilla. Gentle and elegant with a subtle touch of peat, fish, earth and salt. Long, with lingering oily vanilla, salt and Springbank-esque gritty, coffee’d sherrywood tannins.

Kilkerran 12 year old 46%

Re-Tasted: Sept 2016

Nose: Dark, pungent and malty with subtle manure, peat, tar, fish oils and wood spices. Superb depth and complexity with some cigar leaf and gritty but soft tannins.

Palate: Soft and malty with dark honey, coffee, walnut shell, subtle peat and gritty tannins. Very mouth-filling with a touch of violets, dark chocolate and gentle mature, Armagnac-esque dried fruit.

Finish: Very long. Remaining malty and fishy with lingering prunes, walnut, sherry wood spice and salt.

Conclusion: An absolute classic, oozing character and class. If you love this style of whisky then it’s a must buy!