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A.D Rattray Glendullan 2000 (14 year old) 54.6%

Bourbon, re-racked into Sherry/ Cask: 9417/ Dist: 2010 Btl: 2015/ Tasted: Feb 2015

A nose of chunky, coffee’d sherry with plenty of herbal notes which display a light juniper edge. The sherry isn’t too overblown and it allows hints of white fruit and dusty barley to appear.

The palate is soft, opening with coffee-caramel and barley. It has a gentle sherry sweetness along with a touch of earth and developing tannins. Good length with the alcohol masking the finish a little but the lightly mentholated coffee lingering.

With water the nose becomes lighter and less sherry and herbal influenced. It also brings out a touch of succulent tangerine. The palate is a little vague to be honest and like the nose the sherry is diminished and. A pleasant hint of citrus of citrus comes through on the lightly sugar coated finish.


Singleton of Glendullan Trinity 40%

Score: 8.2

Nose: Quite gristy with barley and sweet fruit. Fairly dense with hints of spice, oak and light, earthy peat. (3.3)

Palate: Soft and full with the toasty oak up first followed by a pleasant depth of sweet barley. (3.4)

Finish: Good length with the soft fruit and spice lingering. (1.5)

Conclusion: Relatively straightforward but pleasant.

Singleton of Gledullan Liberty 40%

Score: 8.1

Nose: hard, brittle, perfumed barley with hints of herbs. Fresh and quite citric with a light industrial note. (3.3)

Palate: A little watery with some lightly honeyed fruit and lightly creamy oak. (3.4)

Finish: Medium length with a mineral finish. (1.4)

Conclusion: Pleasant, if a little straightforward.

Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask Glendullan 1999 (14 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2331/ Dist: Oct 1999 Btl: Oct 2013/ Tasted: Nov 2013

The aromas are quite sweet, gristy and citrusy with green apple, grass, dusty spice and vanilla notes. 

The palate is soft and vanilla’d with crunchy barley, apricot and apple. It has a lovely rounded mouth-feel and plenty of sweet spice. Good length with a touch of bitter chocolate on the finish.

Speyside Distillery Scott’s Selection Glendullan 1981 (19 year old) 55.5%

Dist 1981 Btl 2000/ Tasted: July 2004

A light, fresh, elegant, bourbon oak dominated nose. Slightly floral with a sweet edge and a touch of buscuits, earth and pine. A full palate with plenty of pale fruit flavours with an incredible spiciness which builds to a crescendo on the middle along with hints of boubon oak and salt. Lovely length with the spices lingering.

James MacArthur Old Masters Glendullan 12 year old 56.1%

Bourbon/ Tasted: July 2009

An earthy, straw like nose, just on the right side of murkiness. There’s a hint of cereal, barley, honey, grass and perfumed flowers along with some balancing vanilla oak On the palate it is softly oily with hints of apricot and honey. A bit simple with quiet a lot of tannins. Good length with hints of malt, cereal and earth.

Water emphasises the earthiness on the nose and homogenises the palate. Nothing wrong with this bottling but it’s just not particularly exciting.

James MacArthur Old Masters Glendullan 12 year old 56.1%

Bourbon/ Tasted: May 2010

A very acetone and botanical dominated nose. It develops floral notes along with lanolin coated oily orange fruit and earth. A distinctly odd nose. Oily with light vanilla-orange fruit and no shortage of botanicals. Very piquant alcohol leads to a grassy finish and a light lanolin coating after taste.

Water removes some of the acetonearomas and emphasisies the floral notes but there’s no escaping the lanolin. On the palate it has become very sugary with a touch of white-floral fruit. It seems to give an impression of depth but frankly flatters to deceive. Unexciting and Ephemeral, an acquired taste to say the least – Is this really what Glendullan is like? My only previous experience of this distillery was a Blackadder sherry monster with not even a shred of distillery character present.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Glengoyne 2007 (7 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV1134/ Dist: Mar 2007 Btl: Apr 2015/ Tasted: Jun 2015

A little feinty and hard with toasted biscuits and cereal. Oily and slightly cardboardy with hints of earth.

The palate shows some softer barley and cereal with a touch of apricot and citrus. Medium length with the youthful oily notes lingering along with the citrus and barley.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Glendullan 1999 (11 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0708/ Dist: Oct 1999 Btl: June 2011/ Tasted: June 2011

A pleasant, easy going nose of sugar coated herbal honey and white flowers along with some spicy oak and a touch of high toned cereal. The palate begins quite sugary, followed by sweet malt and a hint of oat biscuit. Relatively straightforward but pleasant with a touch of herbal honey and citrus. The alcohol bites and cleanses leaving a lemony finish.


Blackadder Raw Sherry Cask Glendullan 1994 (11 year old) 58.7%

Dist Dec 1994 Btl 2005/ Tasted: Apr 2006

Incredibly oily aromas hit you light a speeding train with waves of raw, young sherry fruit which has a slightly creamy edge and a touch of white chocolate and sweet spices. Rich and succulent on the palate with the raw sherry, well roaring at you. Quite spirity with sweet spices and coffee.

This is the epitome of raw without a drop of water. On the nose it tames and emphasises the white chocolate, dusty spices and oily vanilla note. On the palate it brings out a chocolaty/ mocha/ coffee note, taking the edge of the spirit and allowing a delightful toasted caramel flavour to appearalong with gin like botanicals and a touch of seaweed on the finish. If you love your sherry cask young, unfettered and wildly exuberant, then this is your baby!