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North Star Spirits Glenallachie 2008 (8 year old) 58.3%

Sherry Butt/ Dist: Aug 2008 Btl: May 2017/ Tasted: Jun 2017

Aromas of edgy toffee and gritty sherrywood tannins along with hints of rye-like herbs. Subtle youthful mashtun notes mingle with dried fruit, liquorice and barley.

The palate is clean and herbal with plenty of sherry wood, dried fruit, toffee and coffee. Quite full and cask orientated. A little masked ion the finished but showing some subtle spices.

Water makes the nose quite fragrant and pushes the sherry back to allow the summer barley notes to come through. Again there is less sherry influence on the palate and more malt and barley. Subtly biscuity with lingering dried fruit and spice.


Edition Spirits ‘The First Editions’ Glenallachie 1995 (21 year old) 58.7%

Sherry Butt/ Code: EDI0218/ Dist: Mar 1995 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Mar 2017

There’s not much sherry influence on the nose. In fact it is very estery with pineapple, peach, apricot and wonderfully luscious, mature honey. Hints of straw-like barley follow and with time it does develop a slight edginess, but also some floral honey as well.

The palate is maltier and darker with thick slabs of toffee-malt, barley and honey. Lightly herbal (finally a little sherry influence?) and citric with hints of oak vanilla. Slightly masked finish but the juicy fruit returns along with the mouth-watering citrus.

A drop of water makes the nose classically Spey – crisp and grassy. The palate displays more toffee’d oak and less of the citrus, but either neat or diluted it is very pleasant.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Glenallachie 2005 (9 year old) 46%

Sherry Finish/ Code: PRV1111/ Dist: Mar 2005 Btl: Oct 2014/ Tasted: Nov 2014

Quite dense and honeyed aromas. Chunky vanilla and developing herbal notes mingle with lovely fragrant honey and barley. With time it becomes quite fresh and citric.

The palate opens with toasted toffee and oily barley. The oak has muted the palate a bit. A little short, but pleasantly spicy finish with a lightly tannic after-taste.

Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask Glenallachie 1995? (21 year old) 50%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead?/ Code: OMC2634/ Dist: 1995? Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Mar 2017

The nose is quite subtle with crunchy, sugar coated nectarine, orange and barley. Hints of fragrant honey follow. The aromas freshen when the lime notes appear. With time the charred oak comes through along with hints of liquorice and spice.

The palate has a grater intensity of sugar coated nectarine, orange and barley, along with straw and an underlying, mature fruit character. Gently mineral on the middle with a touch of liquorice root and malt. Medium length and a little dry, austere and grainy on the finish but the liquorice note lingers as do the sugars. I have to say for a Glenallachie it’s pretty impressive.

Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask Glenallachie 1992 (24 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2551/ Dist: Feb 1992 Btl: Mar 2016/ Tasted: Apr 2016

Dusty barley and pollen heavy flowers to begin with on the nose, followed by hints of tropical apricot and pineapple. With time some brittle honey and hard, slightly industrial barley appears but the luscious fruit and vanilla oak soften.

The palate opens with subtly sweet barley, apricot and drying, slightly coffee’d tannins. Hints of baked apple and wood spice on the middle. Pleasantly mature with a long, dusty and peppery spice and cardamom finish with a little bittering oak.


Hunter Laing Hepburns Choice Glenallachie 2007? (9 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: HEP0022/ Tasted: May 2014

An oily, youthful, pungent nose with hints of pepper, chicory and fennel. A little ‘off the still’ aroma with fragrant barley and dense, lumpen toffee.

The palate opens with plenty of oily toffee/ caramel oak. Hints of Turkish delight and sweet barley. A crisp, cleansing, citrus note comes through to balance the oak. The oak does bitter the finish a little but it’s pleasant enough.

Hunter Laing Hepburns Choice Glenallachie 2005 (9 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: HEP0068/ Dist: Mar 2005 Btl: Apr 2015/ Tasted: May 2015

A nose of toasted, slightly singed toffee and lightly herbal grain spirit-like notes. A touch of hard barley appears, as does a little honey which attempts to inject some balancing sweetness.

Lightly burnt toffee and hard barley to begin with on the palate, followed by hard spices and mineral notes. The finish is a tad austere with some lingering rye-like herbs and a light earthy/ coffee’d after-taste.

A.D Rattray Glenallachie 2007 (8 year old) 65.5%

Sherry Cask 900832/ Dist: 2007 Btl: 2016/ Tasted: Apr 2016

Earthy and slightly industrial aromas with a touch of coffee’d sherry. Slightly balsamic and murky with a pervasive hardness!

The palate is just like the nose – hard, industrial and coffee’d with hints of sherry spice. There is some slightly sweet barley and white fruit beneath but the alcohol masks the finish.

With water it becomes a little cleaner with a touch more barley and white fruit on the nose. However the hard, industrial notes are still noticeable. Likewise the palate. Slightly malty and treacly finish now.

Dewar Rattray Glenallachie 1995 (17 year old) 57.5%

Bourbon Cask 93/ Dist: 1995 Btl: Apr 2013/ Tasted: Apr 2013

Waxy and buttery aromas with huge globs of barley and malt. A subtle nose this isn’t! Lightly citrus with a touch of grassy white fruit, damp straw, earth, petrol and a developing balsamic note.

The palate is buttery and slightly caramelised. The spirit isn’t really imparting much apart from a light grass note. Once the alcohol clears some sweet barley, coffee and sweet, stewed fruit becomes apparent along with a touch of spice and balsamic. Very back end loaded.

Water emphasises the crisp, grassy citrus. Less waxy now with a light honeycomb note. Still quite malty with more f the baked fruit evident. The palate is slightly watery – sugar water. The oak has definitely gone awol and thus the spirit shows more of the dried grass and straw notes. Some sweet barley creeps in as does a little spice on the finish

Speciality Drinks Glenallachie 35 year old ‘Anniversary Selection’ 46.9%

Sherry/ Btl: 2010/ Tasted: July 2011

An expansive, leafy Oloroso dominated nose. Slightly granity and edgy which does give it a bit of verve. Slightly mentholated with the usual dried fruit and liquorice. 

Juicy and fruity on the palate with liquorice coated dried citrus fruit along with coffee and wood tannins. A good length with the menthol notes returning along with an almost medicinal-like note and hint of coal dust on the after taste. In conclusion: Another average sherry casked whisky.

Robert Graham Glenallachie 1995 (15 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Dist: 1995 Btl: 2010/ Tasted: July 2011

An odd, spirity, lemonade like nose with hints of rancid butter, fresh grass, white flowers and violets. Grassy and metallic on the palate with intrusive alcohol and burnt caramel. Medium length, simple and alcoholic.  

Conclusion: Pretty charmless stuff!

Gordon & MacPhails ‘Connoisseurs Choice’ Glenallachie 1992 (17 year old) 43%

Refill Sherry/ Dist: 1992 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: June 2011

A seriously hard nose of brittle honey. Lightly fruity with some floral notes along with hints of buttery oak and subtle sherry.

The palate is a touch watery with a distinct burnt caramel character. Some pleasant white fruit can be found on the middle along with a touch of floral spirit. Ok length with the oak fading fairly quickly to leave the high toned spirit unsupported. In fact the palate displays no sherry cask interaction.

Douglas Laing Directors Cut Glenallachie 1972 (40 year old) 56.8%

First Fill(?) Sherry/ Code: DIR0016/ Dist: Mar 1972 Btl: Apr 2012/ Tasted: Apr 2012

A seriously mature nose of burnished wood, 70% cocoa dark chocolate, macerated ark cherries, treacle, raisinated fruit and sherry spices. A hint of citrus gives it an appeal lift and with time some herbaceous and damp tobacco notes appear. Amazingly deep and venerable.

The palate is dry and quite tannic to begin with and in fact the sherry is rather gentle an supple. The flavours mirror the nose – macerated fruit and ark chocolate. The piquant, cleansing alcohol leads into a wonderfully treacle led, dark tobacco leaf finish. The tannins do return and dry the finish out a touch but leave a cedar wood aftertaste.

A drop of water doesn’t make much change to the nose, maybe emphasising the dusty spices. The palate however has become a beautiful morass of gentle sun dried fruit and old sherry spice. Thankfully it’s not as tannic now and that allows this majestic old ram to show some serious depth and poise. Extremely long with a slight crystallised parma violet finish.


Douglas Laing Old Particular Glenallachie 1999 (15 year old) 48.4%

Bourbon/ Code: OLD0106/ Dist: Mar 1999 Btl: Mar 2015

Tasted: Apr 2015

Quite fresh aromas of lightly sweetened honeyed white fruit, barley, citrus and leafy herbs sprinkled with granulated sugar.

The palate is gently sweetened by the granulated sugar, but balanced by lime and grapefruit notes. A touch of barley comes through on the middle with some light caramel oak. Medium length, very citric with lingering caramel.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Glenallachie 1992 (22 year old) 51.5%

Code: OLD0136/ Dist: Feb 1992 Btl: Sept 2014/ Tasted: Oct 2014

The nose opens with a little high toned white fruit, white liquorice and orris root(?). Brittle honey and hard barley notes appear along with some lightly mentholated herbs and milky oak. With time the oak becomes rather mature and sawdusty.

The palate opens with the milky oak followed by hard barley, citrus and fennel. Chunky white fruit comes through with a touch of white pepper and leafy herbs. Good length if a little hot, with a lightly salted after-taste.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Glenallachie 1992 (25 year old) 50.6%

Refill Bourbon Barrel/ Code: OLD0451/ DL11771

Dist: Feb 1992 Btl: Jun 2017/ Tasted: July 2017

Aromas of edgy barley and hints of lime, green apple along with some lovely mature oak. Pleasantly balanced with the nose becoming very aromatic and creamy with time.

The palate displays soft barley and hints of spice. Quite full but relatively straightforward with some pleasantly mature oak and green apple notes coming through on the middle, along with a touch of honey. Long and citric, but slightly industrial finish.


Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenallachie 1972 (38 year old) 50%

Sherry DL 6880/ Dist: Mar1972 Btl: Jan 2011/ Tasted: Apr 2011

An elegant, full-on, mature Oloroso seeped nose of dried fruit, gingerbread, plums, raisins and the most luscious sherry spice imaginable. There’s a hint of something phenolic and peaty in the background along with a touch of burnt wood, mature honey and old beeswax polished wood. A simply stunning nose.

The palate is soft, gentle and mature. Opening with the polished wood and gently earthy-spiced dried fruit. Hints of burnt embers and a gentle spicy/ oxidised rancio roll across the tongue. The middle is redolent of mature honey, rum like liquorice and treacle toffee which coates the mouth. The alcohol keeps it fresh and stops it becoming cloying. A beautiful length finishing with a touch of peat,assam tea and some more burnt wood.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenallachie 1995 (16 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2128/ Dist: Mar 1995 Btl: Jan 2012/ Tasted: Jan 2012

A high toned nose of earthy, marc like notes and burnt caramel. Yes it displays all that lovely industrial characteristics that I love! Hints of citrus and grass.

The palate opens quite sweet and gristy but that industrial character is very prevalent. Hard as nails, short and alcoholic. Not one of there better bottlings.


Douglas Laing Provenance Glenallachie 2009 (7 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: PRV1196/ DL11187

Dist: Apr 2009 Btl: May 2016/ Tasted: July 2016

Quite fruity and estery on the nose with a lovely, crisp, mineral seam. Hints of white fruit, citrus, white liquorice and barley appear and with time a touch of straw.

The palate opens with the crisp white fruit with a granulated sugar coating. The fruit becomes a little bubblegummy with straw and barley but the citric notes develop well to balance and freshen. Remaining citric on the finish with minerals and light malty oils.

Douglas Laing Provenance Glenallachie 2009 (7 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: PRV1196/ DL11187

Dist: Apr 2009 Btl: May 2016/ Re-Tasted: Nov 2016

Fresh and crisp on the nose with plenty of honey to balance the very light industrial note. Slightly spicy with hints of vanilla, citrus and white liquorice.

The palate opens with the soft vanilla and honey, followed by a touch of citrus and spice. the honey develops pleasantly on the middle and a touch of grapefruit comes through. Good length with an intense spice and citrus finish.