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Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask Caperdonich 1992 (24 year old) 58.9%

Bourbon Hogshead/ Dist: 1992 Btl: Feb 2017/ Tasted: Jan 2017

The aromas are edgy, mature and earthy with sub-Cognac-esque dried fruit, vanilla and almost tart citric notes. Lightly balsamic with manure, treacle and edgy, herbal notes.

The palate is earthy and like the nose displays a sub-Cognac-esque oxidised fruit rancio. Quite peppery with both white and black pepper, slightly hard barley and balsamic notes. The finish a bit on the hard and aggressive side, which isn’t a surprise for Caper, but there is a touch of sweet orange which attempts to balance. It finally becomes a little tart and mildly acerbic, but in fairness it’s not too bad for an old Caper.


Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Caperdonich 1994 (18 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2188/ Dist: June 1994 Btl: Aug 2012/ Tasted: Aug 2012

Slightly oily and mature aromas of loam and manure. Quite stocky and solid with a touch of spice. With time some pleasant floral notes appear as does a touch of old oak. 

The palate is slightly oily. Again quite solid with earth, straw and hints of white peach. Quite malty and thick on the middle showing some barley. Pleasantly mature with a distinct almond and slight lemon zest note in the finish.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Caperdonich 1992 (20 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2232/ Dist: Oct 1992 Btl: Feb 2013/ Tasted: Feb 2013

A very honeyed and slightly grainy aromas mingle with plenty of soft, sweetly vanill’d oak. Lovely maturity with hints of baked fruit and pepper. With time the aromas become slightly meaty (bacon fat) in nature with some delightful dried spices. 

The palate is wonderfully soft, opening with lightly sweet oak liberally sprinkled with granulated sugar. Hints of spice, apricot and lime emerge on the middle along with a lightly baked fruit note. A touch of toffee also adds the feeling of weight but some delightful citrus notes keep the balance. Very long with hints of dusty spices and the citrus note becoming more prominent.

Malts of Scotland Caperdonich 1972 (38 year old) 52.4

Sherry/ Tasted: July 2011

A superbly mature nose with a profusion of Armagnac-esque dried fruit and an intriguing old marc-like note. Very deep with liquorice and wood notes adding more complexity. Dilution simplifies the nose and leaves the old marc notes dominant. 

Very soft, but the combination of alcohol and wood tannins have really dried the palate out. Dilution unfortunately makes it rather watery and confected. Neat the finish is masked by the alcohol, with water some peppery notes have appeared. In conclusion: Great nose, shame about the palate

Lombard Scotch Whisky Caperdonich 27 year old 46%

Bourbon/ Tasted: Sept 2007

A crisp, floral, fresh Bourbon cask. Nice depth of spring fruits with grass and citrus aromas backed up by wonderfully creamy oak. The palate is wonderfully creamy with lots of fresh, spring berry fruits, grass, malt and a touch of salinity. Delicate yet tangy with lots of late spice. Long, crisp and tangy with the citrus and floral notes lasting. A lovely, crisp lunchtime malt. Soft and refreshing, the fruit is subtle yet deep and it has matured well as it seems a lot younger

Duncan Taylor Caperdonich 1968 (39 year old) 56.0%

Cask 2608/ Dist: 1968 Btl: 2007/ Tasted: Jan 2008

My, this is a truly amazing sherry cask! Intense and earthyaromas of glorious fruit, chocolate, mature honey, a touch of spice, floor polish, vanilla and a slight floral note. Just the nose is worth the entry fee! Thearomas envelop the senses. Truly amazingly mature.

The palate is pure liquid honey heaven! Along with chocolate, a touch of wood tannins, sherry spice and the most amazingly mature fruit. The mid palate is stunning and has this rum like dried spiced fruit thing going on. Intense, rich, fruity and exceedingly long. Finishes with menthol and reedy grass notes.

A drop of water makes no changes to the nose, but on the palate it makes it much more floral with a violety note. It really emphasises the natural oils. It removes a bit of the intensity but the spices just dance on the tongue. This is just too damn good! Take it neat or with water, either way it is one hell of a dram!

Duncan Taylor Caperdonich 1968 (38 year old) 54.7%

Bourbon Cask 2917/ Dist: 1968 Btl: 2006/ Tasted: Sept 2007

Awesome! A nose to die for. So complex and balanced its almost ethereal. Crisp and lively with rich dried fruit, mature honey and leather, lanolin, nutmeg and fresh vanilla pods. The mature Bourbon aromas lavishly coat the fruit. Incredibly complex. So rich, soft and mouthfilling. Fruity and multi-dimensional. A stunning integration of Bourbon oak, mature honey, dried fruit, maple syrup, vanilla dusted tropical fruit and the sweetest spice. Awesome!

Very long, soft and luxurious with oodles of nutty flavours on the finish. Magnificent. A drop of water makes it even better, bringing out notes of cherries, straw and hay. A sumptuous and amazing dram

Duncan Taylor Caperdonich 1972 (35 year old) 43.1%

Bourbon/ Dist: 1972 Btl: 2007(?)/ Tasted: Oct 2007

A strange nose of melted butter along with botanicals, vanilla, old rose petal and rubbery notes. The palate is soft and floral, pretty straightforward with botanical, light honey, vanilla, soft spice and a touch of rubber on the middle. Medium length with a soft spice shimmer in the finish. The palate is a lot better than the nose but ultimately it’s rather disappointing.

Duncan Taylor Caperdonich 1972 (37 year old) 54.8%

Cask 7422/ Dist: 1970 Btl: Mar 2009/ Tasted: Apr 2009

Wow! A deep and mature nose of slightly tropical fruit, honeycomb and dusty spices. A huge violet note comes out of left field as does some decaying rose petals. All wrapped up in the most delightful moist honey. For all it’s age it has a sublime crispness.

After that wonderful nose the palate is somewhat disappointing. It open with aged honey and coffee, yet there is a lacking in the complexity stakes that the nose leads you to believe. The middle is laden down with wood tannins yet a decaying rose petal note breaks through before descending into a rum like, dried fruit and peppery finish.

A drop of water emphasises the luxurious orange fruit and the wood spices, however the palate finally creaks and falls over into a sticky, candied watery morass with a dried out finish. Not even a late spice burst saves it. Shame!

Duncan Taylor Caperdonich 1972 (37 year old) 42.3%

Cask 4376/ Dist: 1970 Btl: Apr 2009/ Tasted: Apr 2009

Deep, oily and petroly. It reminds me of aGuyanarum. Gorgeously soft spicy, orange fruit liberally sprinkled with caster sugarfollows, as do hints of rose petals, light honey and vanilla. It takes awhile to really open and never quiet reaches the depth of the cask 7422, yet I think it has a better balance. There is less of the marc-like character and the orange fruit has a delightful liquid silkiness to it.

The palate is soft and delicately oily with light honey and a coffee/ cream note. It seems quiet reserved and there is no shortage of wood spices on the middle along with a touch of marc. It’s a bit short and the alcohol even at this strength is intrusive and leaves a spirity/ vodka like finish.

A drop of water emphasises the floral orange fruit and spices on the nose. On the palate it becomes watery and all traces of fruit have definitely gone south. It is a shame that it wasn’t bottled a few years ago.

Duncan Taylor Caperdonich 1972 (36 year old) 54.8%

Bourbon Cask 7422/ Dist: 1972 Btl: 2008/ Tasted: July ‘09

What a weird nose! Earthy and stinky, it reminds me of old Chenin Blanc. Oily and herbal with menthol infused honey. Quiet intriguing. Later comes some burnt wood/ charred timber, candied almonds and an almost sherry note(?) Over time a slight sickly note appears and gets sweeter. Water really brings out the candied note.

The palate is earthy, herbal and menthol honeyed fruit. Is this a well-used ex-Amontillado cask? I can’t quite make up my mind. Again that slightly sickly candied note is present, and with water it is enhanced. The finish is tart and candied with lots of marc notes, which implies that the spirit is creaking somewhat.

Duncan Taylor Caperdonich 1972 (37 year old) 56.5%

Bourbon Cask 7414/ Dist: Nov 1972 Btl: Mar 2010/ Tasted: Apr 2010

A gargantuan, enveloping nose of liquorice infused herbal honey. A more Cognac-esque dried fruit rancio with dried orange fruit rind, sultanas and dried apricot. Mountainous polished mature oak entwines with the gorgeous sweet honey laden spices, sawdust, demarara sugar and earthy notes. It’s definitely a venerably beasty and I imagine that in its youth it was quiet a hot one as there is a slight touch of acetone and oily boiled sweets note, but it’s holding up quiet magnificently.

The palate is old and pretty woody to begin with. It’s like picking wood splinters out of your teeth. However it’s by no means over the hill. The herbal-heathery honey and Cognac dried fruits fight back before the intense alcohol clears the way for some light boiled sweet, mature rose petals and yet more dried fruit. Finally finishing with demerara sugar, liquorice and light engine oil.

A drop of water brings forward the oak with oily marzipan notes. On the palate it does the opposite, dampening the assertive wood and alcohol, allowing the pure demerara sugar sprinkled dried fruit more leeway. Either way it’s entertaining and enjoyable.

Duncan Taylor Lonach Caperdonich 1969 (39 year old) 42.2%

Bourbon/ Dist: 1969 Btl: Nov 2008/ Tasted: Nov 2008

Light and very herbal with some delicate mature honey and barley. A pleasant depth with a background of tropical fruit. Light and honeyed on the palate with lots of barley and mature honey, a touch of vanilla, butterscotch, malt, coconut and lush tropical fruit. So far so good, but it is extremely woody and tannic and to be honest a bit unrefined with a somewhat bitter finish and a winey/ oily aftertaste.

I have yet to be completely convinced by the Lonach bottlings. In theory the vatting together of over and under strength casks is an interesting idea. However it would appear that these bottlings turn out to be overly woody in character. You may say that is a small price to pay for a relatively cheap old malt, and you might be correct if you are prepared to accept this characteristic. In my opinion if you are thinking of spending £80 to £100 on a malt you get more bang for your bucks with their single cask selection.

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1992 (21 year old) 59.5%

Bourbon cask 121124/ Dist: 1992 Btl: 2014/ Tasted: Jan 2014

The nose is a little hot and spirity, but it displays some rather pleasant syrup coated, pithy raspberry, hints of malt, treacle, straw and liquorice. The aromas deepen with time and display some malty-barley, milk chocolate and herbal spirity.

The palate is full and dry, opening with husky barley, glue, malt, liquorice and treacle. The alcohol masks the finish and makes it a little hot, however the treacle lingers.

Dilution makes the nose quite oily and dusty. A little hard with a hint of barley. The palate has become a tad watery but it has some pleasant sugared moments.

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1980 (25 year old) 53.1%

Bourbon Cask 7356/ Dist: Oct 1980 Btl: Oct 2006/ Tasted: Sept 2006

A touch spirit on the nose wioth some grassy, high toned orange fruit along with a slight cardboard note. Some late, fresh barley adds a modicum of interest and with time it becomes a lot grassier and the fruit becomes quite icing sugar coated. Thankfully that covers the cardboard.

The palate is sharp and biting with crisp barley, loght honey and wood tannins. The alcohol masks but there is a slight cardboard note and an all too brief citrus note. Not much of a finish to speak of apart from the alcohol,

With water the nose becomes confected cardboard city! The palate is much the same as the nose and displays a sort of glue like note. I think we can safely say that the spirit is creaking!

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1980 (26 year old) 56.2%

Bourbon Cask 7340/ Dist: Oct 1980 Btl: Sept 2007/ Tasted: Oct 2007

This bottling wasn’t poor, it was an enigma! What do I mean by that? Well it had a real feeling of density on the nose but it actually gave very little away and I struggled to pin point any particular aromas.

On the palate it again was quiet dense but it was all a bit evanescent and ultimately uninspiring. Maybe I was being a bit hard on it, but with nearly a £75 retail price I know that in my heart I just couldn’t recommend it.

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1995 (15 year old) 60.4%

Bourbon Cask 95052/ Dist: 1995 Btl: May 2011

Quite peated by Caper standards, but the peat has a lovely sweet edge but then it becomes quite metallic with some creosote notes and an almost hot-sulphur-vegetal character. One things those still were pushed a tad hard when this was distilled. Yes, there is some pleasant light herbal-honey and a touch of oak, but…..

The palate displays that hot-sulphur-vegetal character and to be honest is somewhat thin and cardboardy with a semblance of fruit and a touch of peat. The intense alcohol emphasises the vegetalness and the finish is rather bitter.

Adding water thins the aromas out even more, ok it adds a touch of liquorice root but it definitely emphasises the sulphur. The palate is pure sulphurous sugar water. Caperdonich can be a bit hit and miss at times and this one is a definite miss I’m afraid.

Cadenheads Authentic Collection Caperdonich 1996 (12 year old) 52.6%

Bourbon Cask/ Dist: 1996 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: July 2009

A stinky nose of earth, peat, manure and bog myrtle. It has an almost coastal astringency but there is some fruit beneath it. Water brings out a perfumed note and the peat recedes leaving lightly salted fruit.

Dry on the palate with light-ish peat and earth. Some fruit but mainly alcohol. Water softens, makes it very dull and one dimensional. Short and alcoholic! Water possibly lengthens it and gives it a grassy after taste. In conclusion – Interesting nose, dull palate. Very alcoholic and not fruity. If youare going to do a peated Spey, make sure the spirit has fruit to back up the peat!