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Alisa Bay 48.9%

The Lowlands distillery, which is set up to produce a number of different Speyside malt styles within the Girvan grain distillery complex in Ayrshire, was built in 2007 and has not released a single malt until now.

While the majority of Ailsa Bay’s whisky styles will be used for a variety of blends within owner William Grant & Sons’ portfolio, its peated run – that lasts for just one week per year – is reserved for the Ailsa Bay single malt.

Ailsa Bay is being positioned as the group’s ‘peated malt’, and has a stated phenol content of 21 PPM (parts per million) – a reading taken from the finished liquid rather than the dried malted barley, as is the industry standard. The distillery’s new make spirit is first filled into Hudson Baby Bourbon casks that are between 25-100 litres in size, for six to nine months. The relatively small casks – traditional American oak barrels can contain up to 200 litres of spirit – enables intense rapid maturation. The liquid is then transferred into virgin, first-fill and refill American oak casks for several years.

Tasted: Mar 2016

Nose: Now this feels like it has some miles on the clock! A beautiful melange of barley husk, soft apricot, white fruit, honey and oak. Water makes it quite aromatic and herbal.

Palate: A little dry and straw-like to begin with barley husks, white fruit and rather intrusive alcohol. Some sweeter barley notes come through on the middle with a touch of honey and earth. Diluted it’s a little watery.

Finish: Short, hot and a little honeyed. Water brings out a little smokiness.

Conclusion: Although pleasant I think it has been bottled in the nick of time.