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Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask Benriach 1990 (27 year old?) 49.8%

Bourbon Hogshead 2640/ Dist: 1990 Btl: Jan 2018/ Tasted: Jan 2018

A mature, woody and earthy nose with dark-ish spice, coffee, straw-like barley, turmeric and a touch of butter. Although it is very woody, the spirit is not overwhelmed and shows mature, honey coated fruit.

The palate is dry and woody, but like the nose, balanced by the mature fruit, honey and vanilla. Hint of straw, apricot and barley follow, along with some wonderfully subtle, creamy vanilla. Long and mouth-wateringly citric finish.


A.D Rattray Blair Athol 2009 (8 year old) 59.6%

Bourbon Cask 333334. re-racked into Sherry Hogshead

Dist: 2009 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Dec 2017

Aromas of herbal rye-like notes with toasted oak and edgy, spirity notes. It’s all rather un-integrated and the slightly industrial spirit notes begin to dominate.

The palate displays more barley sugar and toffee. Again it’s youthful but less spirity than the nose would suggest, maybe that’s down to a touch of honey softening the middle. A little masked with subtle herbal spice finish.

Water transforms the nose and brings out some lovely orange and tangerine, along with a touch of perfumed white fruit and barley. The palate on the other hand has become flat, cardboardy and dull, which was a bit of a surprise. Overall the re-racking into sherry hasn’t enlivened it!

Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask Glen Garioch 1990 (27 year old) 50.6%

Bourbon Barrel 20251/ Dist: Feb 1990 Btl: Oct 2017/ Tasted: Dec 2017

Intense, almost gritty oak and gritty/ dusty barley. Quite malty which sort of balances the grit with earth, slightly doughy dark fruit and hints of mature honey.

Full and robust on the palate with a lighter barley character. Hints of earth, coffee and mature, baked fruit on the middle. Subtly oak and mineral finish with hints of pepper and slightly bitter chocolaty spices/ tannins. Pleasant and mature, but just lacking the wow factor.


Carn Mor Strictly Limited Glen Garioch 2011 (6 year old) 46%

Sherry Butt/ Dist: 2012 Btl: Feb 2018/ Tasted: Jan 2018

A lightly sulphured nose with herbal-heather, dark honey and dried fruit.

The palate is quite crisp with a good minerality, but again a slight sulphur blemish. Hints of honey, heather, barley and dried fruit. Quite oily middle and a long, herbal and honeyed finish.

Carn Mor Strictly Limited Craigellachie 2006 (10 year old) 46%

Tasted: Dec 2017

A little hard but quite mineral on the nose. Citric (lime) with barley and subtly creamy oak. With time the barley becomes quite fragrant.

Malty and full on the palate with barley, lime, minerals and a touch of oak. Hints of greengage on the middle. Good length, if a little hot and minerally.

Mackillop’s Choice Glen Grant 1989 (27 year old) 51.7%

Bourbon Cask 23046/ Dist: Oct 1989 Btl: Sept 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

A classic old Glent Grant nose of mature, duty oak and violety incense. Taught oak and spice emerge but that’s balanced by the baked apple, prune, sultana and subtle treacle notes.

Mature and mellow on the palate with subtle, mature honey and taught, grainy oak tannins. Luscious baked fruit, incense and woody spice follow. Exquisitely deep and multi-layered and exceptionally long with lingering almond paste, sweet violety spices, prune, apricot and sweet vanilla. Stunning!

Mackillop’s Choice Bowmore 1990 (23 year old) 52.2%

Bourbon Cask 185082/ Dist: Apr 1990 Btl: July 2013/ Tasted: Aug 2013

A beautiful, multi-layered nose of toffee coated apples and cinders with hints of bbq sauce and dark pickles. Hmm, this is a serious food fest of a malt! Hints of old, medicinal seaweed, treacly-peat and light brine. Quite earthy and malty with a developing dark honey/ camp coffee/ chicory note. With time it becomes a little floral and a hint of violet appears. A seriously complex nose which takes some time to unwind!

Soft and toffee’d to start with a developing, light medicinal seaweed and fishy brine note. Stunning depth with hints of roasted meat, malt, treacle, tar, liquorice, camphor and herbal-peat. The peat thickens and becomes quite tarry on the middle along with buckets of lightly bitter, but sweet coffee and tarred rope notes. Very long, fading into a light dark chocolate finish, but the treacle-tar is coating the mouth. Quite ashy on the finish with a light burnt coastal wood and a touch of violets in the after-taste. A truly stunning old Bowmore

Mackillop’s Choice Bowmore 1992 (25 year old) 50.7%

Bourbon Cask 4193/ Dist: Sept 1992 Btl: Sept 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

Aromas of barley, incense sticks, cinnamon and all spice. Heavily oiled with plenty of oxidised fruit. Lightly smoked with developing notes of pulped white fruit and fragrant peat smoke. Mellow, deep and dusty with late vanilla and peat dust.

The palate displays more peat and earth with a distinct aged Tequila-esque pulped white fruit character. A little edgy with grippy wood spices and subtle barley. Intensley salt, smoky and peppery on the middle with the tannins emerging on the finish to make it a little drying, but the fruit balances pleasantly. Wow! That pepper lingers along with a faint violet after-taste.

Mackillop’s Choice Dailuaine 1998 (19 year old) 57.7%

Bourbon Cask 9288/ Dist: Jun 1998 Btl: Sept 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

The nose is juicy, moist and malty with oat biscuits, fragrant oak and baked apple. Hints of dark honey emerge along with some subtle wood spice.

The palate is lusciously honeyed with baked fruit and malt. Multi-layered and mouth-filling with gentle, sweet vanilla, ginger and tart citrus. The finish is long and surprisingly quite salty with lingering grapefruit, malt and baked fruit.

Mackillop’s Choice Balblair 1997 (20 year old) 55.2%

Bourbon Cask 124/ Dist: May1997 Btl: Sept 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

A lovely, mature nose of oxidised baked fruit along with hints of lime, barley, manuka honey and aromatic American oak. The oak becomes quite buttery with time and the barley becomes wonderfully fragrant.

The palate opens with fresher barley and citrus before the mature, baked fruit arrives. Buttery and toffee’d oak follows and the mid palate is incredibly granity with building lime and lemon notes, which adroitly balances the oak. Mouth-watering citrus finish with a touch of coffee, anise, sweet barley, straw and earth.

The Single Cask Glenburgie 1995 (21 year old) 53.1%

Cask AQ795/ Dist: Jul 1995 Btl: Apr 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

The nose opens with some herbal, ferny, rye-like notes and subtly oxidised fruit. Pleasantly balanced by some creamy American oak and barley. The citrus and gritty pepper and cinnamon keep the oak in check.

The palate is a bit of an American oak monster with creamy vanilla and lightly baked fruit. Good depth, if a bit straightforward. Hints of barley on the middle but the oak is very dominating. Good length with lingering sweet oak (surprise!)

The Single Cask Ben Nevis 1996 (20 year old) 51.7%

Cask V196/ Dist: Sept 1996 Btl: Feb 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

Heavy, malty aromas with hints of white wine vinegar and sharp citrus. Subtly oaked with a touch of barley, but those off notes are too intrusive.

The palate is subtly malty and edgy with barley and white wine vinegar. Good intensity but it’s really bitter and citric on the middle. There’s a little creamy oak on the finish, but it doesn’t have enough impact to offset the slightly rough spirit.