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Hurricane Rum 44.4%

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose: Quite intense and earthy with plenty of column still character. Hints of sweet pineapple, toasted banana and sultana follows with a fresh almost saline like note developing and giving the aromas a pleasant fresh edge.

Palate: Soft and relatively straightforward. Crisp dried fruit with a touch of toasted coconut and banana. Pleasant building sweetness on the middle which is balanced by the alcohol.

Finish. Quite spicy with an alcohol hit.

Conclusion: I would assume that this is primarily 4 or 5 year old spirit given its straightforward demeanour.


Virgin Gorda Caribbean Rum 40%

Tasted: May 2012

Is a blend of American oak aged, pot still distilled spirits from Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica. The average age of the blend is around 7 years, with 20% being 8 year old Barbados spirit. Bottled for the Poshmakers Ltd. 

The nose is very oily and reminiscent of a Guyana rum. I would imagine this is due to the predominance of rum from the Caroni Distillery in Trinidad and the  Monymusk distillery inJamaicaas they have a tendency to produce that style of spirit. Plenty of oily dried fruit with a slight high toned nutty character and a supporting touch of spicy oak an coffee from the Foresquare distillery(?). 

The palate is dry and elegant. Again there is plenty of oily, dried fruit with a slight tropical note. Soft and gentle with a good length. The molasses sweetness comes through towards the end which balances the slight bittering oak on the finish.