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Edition Spirits Tasting Notes

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Nicaragua, Rum

Edition Spirits Kill Devil Nicaraguan Rum 1998(?) (17 year old) 59.5%

Unspecified Distillery

Code: RUM0031/ Dist: 1998(?) Btl: 2015(?)/ Tasted: Aug 2016

A rich and whisky-like nose which displays and almost barley character. The alcohol is fairly intense but well integrated. Hints of wood smoke, herbs, earth and subtle dried fruit notes follow.

The palate displays that barley-like character found on the nose along with hints of dried fruit and herbs. Intensely alcoholic but the molasses, coffee and treacle balance. Lovely tongue tingling spicy finish with some grain whisky-like dried fruit and coconutty oak coming through on the finish.

With water the aromas are softer but still earthy and whisky-like. A touch of burnt coffee grains and burnt wood appears now. The palate is very earthy now with more woody, coffee’d tannins and an almost malty edge. Again it finishes with the grain whisky-like dried fruit. A really unique rum that thinks it’s a malt whisky and finishes like a grain whisky!

Nicaraguan Rum Tasting Notes

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Nicaragua, Rum

Flor de Cana Gran Reserva 7 year old 40%

Tasted: May 2014

The nose is fresh and quite botanical. Relatively light but elegant with hints of sweet dried fruit, toffee and molasses.

Light-medium bodied. Again quite botanical and a little spirity with hints of dried fruit, caramel and plenty of sweet spice. It dies bitter towards the end with a dark chocolate and lingering botanical finish.
Flor de Cana Centenario 12 year old 40%

Tasted: May 2014

The nose is deeper than the Gran Reserva and the botanical character is definitely evident, but there is plenty of lightly fragrant, sweet, dried fruit, toffee, caramel coated banana.

A lovely depth of lightly oiled dried fruit, treacle, toffee and again that botanical freshness. Quite spicy and peppery on the middle with touch of brown sugar. Lovely smooth finish with the botanical spirit giving it a bite. The oak bitters a little but the balance is superb.

Flor de Cana Centenario 18 year old 40%

Tasted: May 2014

The nose is rich, deep and dark, but it still retains the botanical freshness of the 12 and 7 year old. Very complex with lusciously treacle coated dried fruit along with hints of nutty oak, brown sugar and sweet spices. Beautifully balanced with an almost Cognac-esque aged rancio and a light chocolaty note with time.

The palate is dense but elegant with dark treacle, dark chocolate and molasses. Again the botanical character freshens. Very nutty and sweetly spiced on the middle with a long aged dried fruit rancio and a touch of oak. It has a lovely spicy kick in the finish. Superbly balanced and very classy.

Plantation Nicaragua 1998 45%

Tasted: Sept 2007

Oily and quiet floral, seems quiet youthful with oodles of banana, banana dipped in toffee and tropical fruit along with a touch of delicate dried fruit and beguiling dusty spices. Light on the palate again oodles of banana dipped in toffee, light oil, dried fruit and spice. Lovely intensity with alcohol soaked raisins and prunes. Very complex with a lovely length and tangy finish.