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Hiatian Rum Tasting Notes

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Haiti, Rum

Barbancourt Reserve 8 year old 43%

Tasted: Mar 2010

A light and elegant nose. Quiet oily and distinctly Agricole in nature with slightly leafy dried fruit, cane syrup, light cinnamon spice, liquorice, earth and creamy wood vanillins. There’s also a crisp grain like botanical note from what I’m presuming is a from a continuous distilled proportion in the blend. Lovely balancing subtle sweetness and floral/ perfumed top notes.

The palate opens gently and subtly. Very oily with immediate dried sultanas and moist fruitcake notes, followed by some light toffee, banana and tropical peach. A Cognac-esque rancio underpins the fruit and it is balanced by the subtle wood vanillins. Like on the nose a herbally/ grain like note appears in the finish and is balanced by the subtle sweetness. Poised and elegant it is a lovely sipping rum.

Barbancourt 15 year old 43%

Tasted: May 2014

A pungent and grapey nose. Very complex with walnuts, lightly oiled dried fruit and lightly medicinal herbal notes. Vibrant, intense and mature with a touch of herbal accented citrus.

The palate is lightly oiled and nutty with walnuts, subtle treacle and light medicinal herbal notes. The oils and agricol notes build and become quite prominent, but it is definitely not one-dimensional! It has a superb intensity of baked fruit, dried fruit, liquorice and dark toffee along with a light demerera sugar note. Some deft citrus notes balance and takes the honours on the finish. One word – Magnificent!