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Plantation Rum’s Tasting Notes

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Grenada, Rum

Plantation Grenada 1998 (?age)45%

Tasted: Sept 2007

Rich and heavy aromas of almost sherried orange fruit, dried fruit and earth. Incredibly deep, slightly oily with banana and cane sugar notes.

Not surprisingly very rich on the palate, quiet oily and almost sherried orange fruit, sultanas, raisins, coconut and cane sugar. Very mouth filling and very long with the dried fruit flavours lingering.


Mezan Rum’s Tasting Notes

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Grenada, Rum

Mezan Rum – Westerhall 1998 (13 year old) 40%

Dist: 1998 Btl: 2011

Tasted: Sept 2011

A dense, oily, oak dominated nose. It has an almost grain whisky quality, especially with all that oak., although in saying that, the oak has a lovely sweetness to it and adds some gentle, sweet spices. On the downside though not much in the way of spirit character comes through. 

The palate opens with a brief dried grape and banana note before the oak tightens it’s grip and it’s bye, bye spirit complexity. Short with an almost rye like nip in the finish and an oily after-taste.