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Murray McDavid Tasting Notes

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Brazil, Rum

Murray McDavid ‘Renegade Rum’ Epris Distillery, Brazil 1999 (10 year old) 46%

Bourbon – Chateau Lafite – Limited release of 1380 bottles

Tasted: Dec 2010

An earthy, pungent almost peaty nose with no shortage of red wine notes. The peat-likearomas build, but it seems to have metamorphosed into a sherry finish with a heavy, rich, leafy sherry-like character now dominating proceedings, then its back to the edgy pyre red wine notes. This is all over the place and it kind of lacks a bit of rhythm. With time it becomes quite smoky and even more herbal. 

Pure, sweet raspberry jam on toast with hints of spice and tobacco. The finish is swamping all in its path. Although it is incredibly juicy though. The intense alcohol balances the sweetness but in turn dries out the finish, leaving just a soupcon of chocolate and coffee. The reality is that the spirit is purely a vehicle for the Lafite cask and being a bit of an old purest I think the balance has been sacrificed, that is not to say that some people would love it – just not me!