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Bundaberg Master Distillers’ Collection – 280 40%

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose: Quite herbal and toffee’d with an almost saline infused dried fruit character. Very broad and aromatic with a subtle aged rancio. The aromas become quite perfumed with time and there’s what appears to be a light sherry cask-like note, plus hints of liquorice and molasses.

Palate: Broad and juicy with molasses and demerara sugar. Thankfully not too sweet with toffee coated dried fruit and subtle sweet-ish spices.

Finish: Good length with some column still spiciness coming through on the finish.

Conclusion: Takes awhile to get going but it fleshes out quite well.

Bundaberg Master Distillers, Collection – Blenders Edition 2014 40%

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose: Heavily caramelized with a touch of high toned column still character. Plenty of molasses and treacly dried fruit along with hints of herbs and burnt wood.

Palate: A bit flattened by the caramel, treacle and molasses. Slightly raisinated with some pruney, grapey PX sherry notes.

Finish: Medium length with lingering column still notes and burnt caramel.

Conclusion: The burnt caramel character was too invasive.


Beenleigh 5 year old White Rum 37.5%

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose; An interesting, fairly herbal nose with lightly medicinal aromas. Gently creamy with a touch of vanilla and earthy spice.

Palate: Lightly oiled, opening with sweet violets, vanilla and lightly coffee’d oak. Less of the medicinal notes but more chocolate coated dried fruit.

Finish: Good length with a tongue tingling spicy finish and lingering vanilla.

Conclusion: Pleasant and characterful with a good intensity.

Beenleigh 5 year old 40%

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose: Sweet treacle with a slight balsamic note along with clove, toffee, burnt caramel, granulated sugar and relatively non-descript dried fruit.

Palate: Initially quite sweet but some tart citrus comes through strongly. Still it’s a little cloying on the middle with sweet dried fruit, caramel and toffee along with a touch of burnt wood spices.

Finish: Good length with the combination of the citrus and alcohol cleansing the palate.

Conclusion: Pleasant if a little simple and caramelized.

Beenleigh Honey Rum 35%

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose: Pungent, slightly floral, mentholated dried fruit to begin with, followed soft vanilla, column still spice and a touch of smoke. There are some whisky-like top notes, so I would imagine that is what it is flavoured with?

Palate: Sweet and sticky with dried stewed fruit and granulated sugar. Relatively simple with again that whisky like character coming through.

Finish: Medium length with lingering orange and treacle.

Conclusion: Pleasant enough but I’m note sure what it is flavoured with! (tasted blind)