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VSOP 40%

A blend of Bons Bois and Fins Bois – 8 years old

Tasted: Sept 2009

The nose is a bit spirity but has some pleasant earthy orange fruit which develops a subtle dried fruit note, liquorice and wood spices. Soft and sweeter than the nose suggests. A bit straightforward with hints of dried fruit. Lovely floral middle and a good length.


Fine Champagne XO 40%

A blend of Grande and Petit Champagne – 25 to 35 years old

Tasted: Sept 2009

High toned, yet wonderfully deep aromas of citrus, lots of vanilla, white flowers and a hint of leather. Elegant yet deep with dried fruit and perfumed orange which floats above a lazy, spicy base.

The palate is elegant and a touch sweeter. Again there are plenty of vanillin’s, orange fruit, citrus rind, lime blossom, dried fruit and nuts. A piquant, cleansing, earthy middle. Good length with hints of honey, spices and salt(?) in the finish.


Hor’s d’Age ‘Timeless’ 42%

A blend of Grande and Petit Champagne – 40+ years old

Tasted: Sept 2009

 A heavier, woodier nose with a greater degree of rich spices. The maturity is definitely noticeable, displaying a marked mellowness and deep orange, apricot and nut aromas. The vanillin’s from theLimousinoak are well hidden beneath a depth of lovely liquid honeyed orange.

The palate is exceptional. Liquid honeyed orange coats the tongue with a delicate yet juicy velvetiness. Mature, mellow, yet quiet light with hints of clove and cinnamon and ginger A rapid piquant sharpness cleanses the palate leaving a lovely earthy dried fruit finish.


Le Cognac du Millenaire 40%

A blend of spirits from 1897 (25%) and 1986 (75%)

Tasted: Sept 2009

The nose is similar to the ‘Timeless’. Very big and aromatic with less vanillin’s and more earth.

The palate is again like the ‘Timeless’ but fuller and with maybe a greater mellowness. The honey is more coating and a lovely floral-spice note appears on the middle. The balance is harmonious and exceptionally good. Once again the finish is crisp and almost salty.


L’Erotique 54.5%

100% GrandeChampagnefrom 1969 (although the vintage is not stated)

Tasted: Sept 2009

It is not as dark in colour as the ‘Timeless’. The aromas have an instant and enormous impact – waves of liquid orange and gentle spices. The increased alcohol (effectively bottled at cask strength) gives the aromas a real wow factor. Intense yet subtle with honey, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and oh did I mention the orange!

The palate is delicately oily and intense with the greater degree of alcohol noticeable. The mouth is coated in a lovely complexity of honey and wood spices, which is followed by an enormous hit of vanillin’s on the middle. The dried fruits take on a slightly chocolate coated/floral character and the length is superb with a touch of coffee and again that almost salty note.


Lot No65 59.5%

100% GrandeChampagne

Tasted: Sept 2009

Another cask strength bottling, but this time the aromas are lighter, earthier and nuttier with a fantastic mushroomy/ loamy note. Still quiet heavy on the wood spices. The fruit is a touch reticent and takes awhile to show. All accented by the vanillin’s from the Limousin oak.

Like the nose, the palate is lighter and fresher, akin to the XO. It is crisp and salty with a lovely intensity of mature exotic fruit, vanilla, liquorice and light died fruit. The alcohol provides a piquant middle and the length is excellent with the gingery orange fruit arriving late on a generous wave of gorgeous spices.


Conjugaison 49 46%

100% Grande Champagne. A blend of spirits from predominantly 1949 with a smaller amount from 1922.

Tasted: Sept 2009

Apparently the spirit from 1949 was deemed too woody, hence the maitre de chai, blended in some fresher spirit from 1922 and ‘et viola!’

The nose is damn big and woody. Hugely orangey with an expansive, enveloping, evolving aroma of mature honey, ginger, cedar and chocolate. To me it resembled the L’Erotique turned up to 11!! Given some time in the glass the 1922 can be detected, giving the aromas a definite lift and freshness before finally settling down into a more of a Lot 59 character.

The palate evolves very much like the nose, beginning with the heavy woody, spicy flavours before the fresher 1922 component takes centre stage. Seductive and very long, the ginger and cinnamon spices hold out right to the end. A superb cognac.