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VS 40%

A blend of Grand Champagne and Fine Bois, aged 4-15 years.

Tasted Sept 2005

A big rounded nose in the style of Trijol but slightly dampened by the addition of caramel? Crisp and youthful with a slight spice and plenty of wood notes. The palate hints at some heaviness of fruit but it’s still quite youthful overall. Quite masculine with some dried fruit and spices. Reasonable length and finish.

VSOP 40%

GrandChampagne, aged 4-15 years.

Tasted: Sept 2005

Deep and spicy aromas, with a fragrant nature. Dark honey, earth, orange, leather, rich dried fruit, leather along with a suggestion of marzipan. The palate is delicate yet full with dried fruit, spices and marzipan notes. Good length with lingering wood notes.

XO 40%

GrandChampagne, aged 15-40 years.

Tasted: Sept 2005

Again the nose is similar in style to Trijol with an array of orange dried fruit. Heavy on the wood spices – coffee, liquorice and a slightly floral top note. The palate is a touch muted, caramel at play? But it has a good elegance with dried fruit, plums, figs, walnuts, spice, along with cedar and sandalwood notes. Very long and lingering with the old wood notes staying to the end.