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DUBOIGALANT (Original name for Trijol)

VSOP (Grande Champagne) 40%

Tasted: Oct 2005

Deep, mature aromas of dried fruit, creamy citrus fruit, old wood tannins and spice. Lovely complexity with a slight whiff of acetone. The palate is full bodied and rich with a depth of dried fruit, coffee, wood spices and soft alcohol. Good length with an intensely dried fruit finish.

XO Grande Champagne 40%

Tasted: Oct 2005

Very mature aromas of liquid honeyed orange fruit with hints of mature wood, wax floor polish and nuts. Deep and luxurious with a serious intensity of honeyed dried fruit, spice and citrus fruit. Lovely tangy middle with the spicy fruit gaining depth and complexity. Incredibly long and soft finish with lingering wood spices.



Elegance 40%

Tasted: Feb 2006

Quiet youthful with a pleasant intensity of rich, grapey, herbal fruit along with a touch of honey, dried fruit and cinnamon. The palate is a bit watery and straightforward but has a good level of herbal, spicy, dried fruit with a hint of tobacco, cinnamon and wood on the middle. The finish is a tad piquant.

VSOP (Classic) 40%

Tasted: Feb 2006

A deeper, woodier nose than the ‘Elegance’. Definitely showing a greater degree of age. It’s actually quiet whisky like with earthy dried fruits, herbs and oodles of orange fruit and mature honey, along with a nutty note and a thread of smoke. It could almost be a sherry casked whisky!

The palate is like the nose, deep and woody. Elegant yet punchy with quiet a noticeable amount of wood tannins, dried fruit and orange peel. Like the nose it seems quiet whisky like. The mid palate weighs in with a veritable bucket load of spice and delightful mature honey. Very long finish with a peppery kick.

VSOP (Grande Champagne) 40%

Tasted: Feb 2006

From a blend of spirits which are a minimum of 10 years old.

A very intense and powerfully complex nose. It has a greater degree of refinement than the ‘Classic’. Rich, fruity and spicy in character. Hints of aged honey, dried fruit, apricot, nuts, cinnamon, herbs and wood/ coffee combine with underlying citrus aromas. Subtle yet powerful on the palate, combining rich, dried fruits, nuts, cinnamon spice, dried fruit, coffee and sumptuous mature honey and citrus peel along with a slightly floral/ violet note on the middle. Very long with a superb intensity and freshness.

Maxime Trijol VSOP (Grande Champagne) 40%

Re-Tasted: Mar 2015

A lovely nose of rich, spicy dried fruit – grape and apple. Very elegant with hints of apricot, tangerine and warm spices.

The palate is quite citric to begin with. Dried apricot and tangerine follow and it becomes quite nutty and praline-like towards the middle as the oak appears. Richly spiced and elegant with those spices lingering magnificently along with hints of cocoa, minerals and light smoke

XO 40%              

Tasted: Feb 2006

From a blend of spirits which are 25-30 years old.

Wow what a nose. Deeper with a greater age. Mellow and mature with lots of seeped apricot/ peach aromas and soft sweetly spiced dried fruit rancio. Awesome depth with a floral/ violet top note and hints of rich coffee. Quite rich and honeyed with hints of creamy spice.

A very subtle yet intense palate. Elegant yet powerful. Stunning with a myriad of flavours – rich raisins, toffee, dried fruits, a subtle spicy/floral middle with oak and sandlewood notes. An incredibly long and complex finish leaves the mouth coated in exotic oils and honeyed walnuts. Absolutely stunning.

Reserve 40%      

Tasted: Feb 2006

From a blend of spirits which are a minimum of 15 years old.

Sunning aromas of deep, rich dried fruits, liquid toffee/ honey and complex, sweet spices. I could nose this all night long with hints of vanilla and cloves. Soft, dry and subtly intense. A lovely richness of powerful dried fruits, nuts and loads of cinnamon and exotic spices. Very long with a lovely complexity and its spicy intensity lasting.

Extra 40%           

Tasted: Feb 2006

From a blend of spirits around 40 years old.

Awesome aromas which have a lovely crisp intensity. A marked similarity to the VSOP but amplified. Lovely soft orange/ apricot fruit with buckeyes of luscious, liquid honey. It is more delicately spiced than the XO and has a greater degree of luscious natural honey.

Stunning in the mouth rich and fruit with an incredible rancio of honeyed dried fruit, raisins, sultanas and the sweetest, delicate spices imaginable. Opens up into a very floral/ violet middle and has a multi-dimensional quality with a superbly balanced, delicate yet powerful finish.

Ancestral 46%  

Tasted: Feb 2006

From a blend of spirits that are a minimum of 80 years old.

Wow the aromas are just so complex that every time you put your nose into the glass a new aroma is detected. Rich honeyed dried fruit rancio, raisins, sultanas, rich cinnamon, cloves, earthy spices and wood notes.

Stunning palate, liquid rich honeyed fruits combine with wood tannins and spices, tangy orange fruits drift in to mingle with the soft sweet spices. Stunning depth and complexity with a very long soft, fruity finish.

Vintage 1969 Petit Champagne 40%

Tasted: Feb 2006

For such an old spirit the aromas are remarkably youthful. Rich and powerful in the Trijol mould with an assertive deep spicy fruitiness. Wonderfully soft on the palate displaying the rich honied character of the ‘Extra’. Amazingly complex with again a remarkable youthful side to it. Possibly not as spicy as the nose would suggest but the length and complexity is stunning.