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Louis Royer VSOP 40%

Tasted: Mar 2014

A smoky and treacly nose with chunky raisin and dried grape. Dense and sweet with hints of citrus, earth and a slight saltiness. Very polished and with time quite smoky. 

The palate is soft and treacly with elegant, moist dried fruit, gentle spice and a light, oily rancio. Good length with the oily vanilla and sweet dried fruit lingering along with a touch of smoke. 

Louis Royer VSOP Force 53 53%

Tasted: Apr 2013

The aromas are quite light but pungent. Lightly spirity with dried coconut, raisin and prune rancio. With time the nose becomes thicker and fleshes out with a distinct molasses/ treacle character. Lovely intensity with a gentle spiciness along with a late touch of orange and raw cane sugar. 

The palate is full and sweet with a depth of rich, molasses/ treacle coated dried fruit. Distinctly rum like and although it is mouth-filling and dense the elevated alcohol gives it a fresh intensity which balances the richness. Very complex with juicy dried raisins, marzipan and deftly woven spices. Seriously intense for a Cognac with a tongue tingling finish. Very long with a touch of dark coffee/ cocoa and slight bittering from the oak. I wonder if it wasn’t bottled at 53% would it be a bit sweet and flabby? 

The answer to that is no. With the addition of water the nose becomes oilier, but still quite pungent. with less of the molasses character the dried fruit now shows a lovely demerara sugar coating. Quite earthy with an almost peaty note. The palate is like the nose, lighter and softer. Maybe not quite as complex as it was neat but possibly a touch more elegant now with some dried apricot and nutty banana notes now noticeable. Still finishes with a coffee’d flourish.

Louis Royer XO 40%

Tasted: Mar 2014

A pungent and smoky nose with a definite aged rancio. Sweet sultana, light orange and treacle mingle. It has an almost malty sweetness with a touch of burnt wood, honey, liquorice and warm spice. 

The palate is soft and treacly with a moist fruitcake demeanour. Very softly spiced and mouth-filling with macerated orange, plum, sultana and dried grape. Lovely, mouth-wateringly spicy middle and finish with a little bitter chocolate, liquorice and tannin showing.