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Calvados Selection, Coeur de Lion 40%

Young Spirit

Tasted: 2003

A very young, slightly musky, very apply nose. The palate is youthful, tart and apply with a hint of marzipan. Quite short, a mixer perhaps? 

Calvados Reserve des Fiefs, Pays D’Auge, Coeur de Lion

Approximately 5 – 9 years old

Tasted: 2003

A pleasantly maturing nose of spiced apples and old wood notes. Relatively straightforward, but longer than the Selection. 

Calvados Hors d’Age, Pays D’Auge, Coeur de Lion 42%

Approximately 15 – 20 years old

Tasted: 2003

The nose shows a greater maturity than the Reseve with aged, macerated apple and spice notes. Smoother and showing a marked maturity on the palate with earthy apple, spice and wood notes dominating. Excellent length and integration. 

1973 Calvados Pays D’Auge, Coeur de Lion 42%

Aged in regenerated Calvados Casks

Tasted: 2003

A lovely, rich and fruity nose of very sweet but creamy fresh apple, baked apple, and crème brulee. The palate has a delightful smokiness to the apple flavours. Robust and full with some sweet creamy apple notes and long finish. 

1962 AOC Calvados, Coeur de Lion 42%

Tasted: 2003

A lovely, mellow and mature nose, although simpler than the 1973 with sweet apple and crème brulee notes. The palate is soft, smooth and straightforward with a good length. 

1963 AOC Calvados, Coeur de Lion 42%

Aged in traditional cider casks

Tasted: 2003

A complex nose of sweet apple, spice, marzipan and vanilla oak. Pleasantly mature and very mellow. The palate is elegant and gently spiced with mellow apple notes. Very smooth if a little short. 

1939 AOC Calvados, Coeur de Lion 42%

Dist: 1939 Btl: 1986

Tasted: 2003

Wow! Stunning aromas of seriously aged squishy apple toasted toffee, cinnamon, butterscotch, fudge and clotted cream. The palate displays an impressive freshness given that its 47 years old! Gloriously smooth with mature apple and a toffee/ butterscotch oak middle. Quite earthy and very long. 

Calvados Coeur de Lion 800th Anniversary 42%

Produced to honour the 800th Anniversary of the death of Richard the Lion Heart.

A blend off 22 vintages adding up to 800 years. Only 800 bottles produced.

Tasted: 2003

Exceedingly deep aromas of caramelised apple along with a distinctly natural soil/ earthiness. Very complex and mellow with an aromatic sweetness and a touch of vanilla oak. 

The palate is very smooth and mellow with layers of dense apple/ pear fruit and spices. Gently earthy and smoky with quite an intense, tangy finish. Stunning.