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VSOP 40%

100% Ugni Blanc/ Tasted: Feb 2006

Pleasantly intense nose with straightforward aromas of rich orange fruit, vanilla and soft sweet spices. It has a lovely crispness in the mouth displaying its youthful character yet has a lovely mature core.

Sigognac VSOP ?abv

Blend Created by Chris Goodrum and funnily enough never released!

35% 2003 (3 year old) Ugni Blanc, 40% 2003 (3 year old) Baco, 10% 2002 (4 year old Ugni Blanc and 15% 1998 (8 year old) Ugni Blanc.

Blended: Feb 2006

The nose shows a very distinct Baco, foxy character (too dominant!)  with an almost rye-like herbal character. Lightly oiled with a touch of dried fruit, coffee and toffee. I think blind you would never have guessed what it was!

The palate is quite herbal with oily dried fruit and herbal rye-like notes. Edgy, youthful and foxy with hints of toffee, grape and apple blossom. Good length with a green apple note in the finish. In conclusion, the palate is better balanced than the nose but the Baco is far too intrusive. I guess that’s what happens when you like it a bit weird!

10 ans d’age 40%

50% Ugni Blanc, 50% Baco 22a/ Tasted: Sept 2004

Smooth, toasty, deep, polished and aromatic with that characteristic rusticity on the edge. Soft on the palate. Citrus orange, tobacco smoke, tangy with hints of spice and marzipan. Good depth, a touch fleeting with sultanas/ raisins on the finish.

10 ans d’age 40%

Tasted: Oct 2005

Quite mature aromas of rich dried fruit, acetone, mature oak, dark orange peel and tobacco smoke. Sappy with a lovely complex richness. The palate has a lovely intensity of rich, dried fruit, spiced apricot, raisin/ sultana and smoke. Good length and complex with the stewed fruit, tobacco and wood notes lingering.

10 ans d’age 40%

Re- Tasted: Apr 2015

Aromatic nose of dried orange, sultana and grape along with a herbal rancio. A touch of rich and slightly coffee’d oak appears along with notes of tobacco and leather.

Dry and a little tannic to begin with but there is plenty of balancing citrus and dried fruit. Lighty herbal on the middle with sweet prune, dates, tobacco and leather. Lovely mineral finish with a lingering light vanilla note.


20 ans de Age 40%

50% Ugni Blanc, 50% Baco 22a/ Tasted: Feb 2006

Big, aromatic, pungent nose with aromas of toffee apple, dried fruit, cinnamon, herbs and coffee cream with hints of orange preserve and earthy smoke. Dry with a lovely complexity of stewed apples, cinnamon, spices, tobacco, and caramelised orange. Superb length, very spicy throughout and a long finish with smooth dried fruit after taste.

20 Ans d’Age 40%

Re-Tasted: Mar 2015

Deep, dark and treacly aromas of tobacco, spice, earth, dried prune and raisins along with a slight animally/ bretty notes. Lovely intensity with a light herbal, old Cabernet Sauvignon-esque character.

The palate opens with dark honey, liquorice, treacle and a dark dried fruit rancio. Hints of tobacco and walnut follow. Quite pruney on the middle with a light crystallised violet and cold tea note. Very long and gently spiced with mouth-filling, lingering dried fruit and liquorice

25 ans de Age 40%

Tasted: Sept 2004

A toasty, rustic nose with hints of caramel sweetness. The palate is very complex, soft, smooth with citrus/orange flavours and an almost medicinal/peatiness on the finish.

50 ans de Age 40%

Tasted: Sept 2004

Incredibly deep and harmonious aromas of powerful dried fruits, raisins, vanilla along with hints of ceder. Rounded in the mouth with a superb depth of elegantly spiced dried fruits and moist fruit cake, mocca and mature citrus fruits. A lovely structure and balance.

Vintage 1969 40%

100% Baco/ Tasted: Feb 2006

Luscious aromas of mature dried orange conserve, dripping in glorious mature honey. The depth is stunning. So rich and delicately fruity with only a vague suggestion of spice and wood smoke. The edgy rancio begins to assert itself as does smoke marzipan oak notes but it is still dominated by the glorious honeyed dried fruit.

Awesome palate. Rich, slightly tart citrus melds seamlessly with dark dried apricot and raisinated fruit. A touch of orange appears on the middle but the mature honey is the dominant theme along with the merest hint of spice and damp forest floor notes. The wood moves in towards the finish leaving a dry finish.