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1986 Domaine Curros Folle Blanche 42%

Tasted: Feb 2006

A softly pungent nose of crisp, yet oily spirit. The fruit however is a bit muted and the mature wood tannins hold the palate in a dry grip. However they do impart some pleasant spice, toffee notes amid the slightly oily honey.

1976 Domaine Cammes Baco 42%

Tasted: Feb 2006

Aged entirely in new oak casks. Lovely mature, classic Baco aromas of slightly foxy/ animal tinged dried fruit rancio of figs, prunes and old honey with a touch of delicate smoky spices. On the palate it has a lovely depth with not as much vanilla as you would expect from its ageing, with the dried fruit and honey flavours lingering along with some wood tannins, apricot and orange. Very long and intense with a dry, nutty after taste.

1965 Domaine Notre Dame Folle Blache 42%

Tasted: Feb 2006

Awesome, absolutely stunning bouquet. Luscious and dripping in rich honeyed fruits. It has developed a lovely floral/ violet note along with the stunning depth of dusty wood spices. On the palate it is multi-dimensional with layer upon layer of rich honey infused dried fruits. Exceptional length and blance with a very long finish.

1950 Domaine Moreau Tenezare 42%

Tasted: Feb 2006

Very soft and mature aromas. Very spicy with soft honeyed fruits. The aromas are quite weighty and welcoming. On the palate it is soft and mature with all the flavours harmoniously belnding into one another. It’s like wallowing in a comfy old sofa. Just delightful.

1941 Domaine Bayouin Baco 42%

Tasted: Feb 2006

This amazing spirit was only bottled in October 2005 after spending 64 years in the cask and as you would expect the nose is redolent with a huge depth of rich aromas, heavily laden with heavy spice and wood notes. The rancio is rich, honeyed, oily and very mature with wood, wood and yet more wood spices, and a hint of coffee and tobacco smoke. This is an ideal companion to a good cigar!