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Teeling Single Grain 46%

Matured in ex-Californian Cabernet Sauvignon casks

Nose: Quite light but pleasantly honeyed with some oily, rum like dried fruit, crystallised orange along with hints of nuts, grainy spice and gentle, elegant oak

Palate: Quite subtle and lightly oiled with hints of nuts and dried fruit. Gentle and soft with a lightly herbal character.

Finish:. Good, crisp finish as the grainy spices appear. Lingering botanical and oak notes.

Conclusion: .A subtle, pleasant, easy going grain whisky.

Teeling Single Grain 46%

Re-Tasted: Mar 2015

Crisp and floral grain on the nose with hints of dried fruit and winey red berries. The aromas become quite herbal with time and a light vanilla sweetness emerges.

The palate is softer than the nose and displays more oak character. Creamy vanilla and hints of dried red fruit. The crisp grain comes through on the middle, fighting its way through the oak to add balance. Long and herbal with the grain biting against the sweetness.

Teeling Single Grain 46%

Re-Tasted: Jan 2017

A full and sweetly grainy nose with plenty of dried fruit and subtle winey notes. Pleasantly rounded with vanilla and developing perfumed berry fruit.

The palate opens with the sweet, grainy, dried fruit with the wine cask adding subtle red fruit notes and grippy, chocolaty tannins. Lovely, crisp, mineral finish with a pleasant austerity, which is balanced by the sweet grain an red fruits. A little drying at the end, but overall pretty well balanced.


Greenore 8 year old 40%

Bourbon – Rum/ Tasted: May 2006

Clean, crisp, oodles of pure honey and earthy spices on the nose. Gorgeous sweetness and honeyed cereal. Dry, soft and full flavoured with soft, pure honey, a touch of toffee and earthy spices. Lovely depth and spiciness. Very soft and rounded for a grain. Long finish with hints of vanilla oak.

Greenore 15 year old 43%

An interesting nose of light Bourbon oak and caramelised vanilla. It puts one in mind of a Canadian with its soft grainy aromas. Pure and subtle yet over time it develops a serious violet note. Moving into herbal territory before some pleasant marzipan and sweet spices arrive.

Soft and light on the palate with hints of tropical banana, violets and herbal nuances. The oak is well integrated, restrained and supporting. The middle opens to display a lovely delicate depth of soft spices, light golden syrup and sugar coated fruits. Lovely length with a distinct Turkish delight finish and the oak bittering out at the death. A lovely gentle journey. The Greenore 15 year old was voted 2010 grain whisky of the year and well you can’t argue with that, it is a superb bottling!

Greenore 18 year old 46%

Tasted: July 2011

An aromatic, expansive nose of sweet corn. Wonderfully fat but balanced by a grainy nip and a touch of zesty citrus that is just so precise. There is a lovely depth of vanilla oak and one could easily mistake this as a product ofKentuckywith a slight earthy note. Wonderfully rounded and showing some maturity but I’m sure that this spirit could comfortably age for another 18 years.

The palate is wonderfully soft and oily with the sweet corn showing first followed by the creamy, lightly toffee’d oak. Lovely and clean with like the nose a balancing citrus and grainy nip. Superb sweet/ bitter balance, finishing crisply dry with some rum-like dried fruit putting in an appearance. The oak is impeccably behaved and accompanies the spirit right the way through adding a smidge of violet and soft spices. Yet another stunning bottling!

Greenore 18 year old 40%

Tasted: Mar 2012

A big, banana fritter of a nose, with liberal amounts of toffee syrup. The nippy sweet grains balance the avalanche of oak and some corn fatness. This is no shrinking violet!  

Full and toffee’d on the palate, which is no surprise as there’s plenty of sweet oak, but it’s not as enormous as you would think, those wonderful nippy grains add some elegance and some juicy dried fruit adds depth. Stunning length. Juicy, oily and voluptuous , but that grainy nip never lets it become too overblown