Spencerfield Spirit Company Tasting Notes

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Gin, Scottish Gin

Edinburgh Gin 43%

Launched by Spencerfield Spirit Company in June 2010. Originally produced at Langely’s but since 2014 it is produced at their distillery in the heart of Edinburgh using two 140 litre Christian Carl stills. The two stills are shaped differently: one is an alembic still, the other a more traditional column. This allows for numerous techniques to be employed and – critically – many different types of gin to be made, should they want to make them.

Botanicals include, juniper (both Macedonian and Scottish), coriander, citrus peel, angelica, orris root, lemon grass, milk thistle, Scottish pine and heather.

Tasted: Mar 2017

Aromas of smoky juniper, pine sap and hints of citrus from the coriander. Good balance with a touch of lightly creamy spirit beneath.

The palate opens with sweet juniper and intense, bitter spice. Lightly herbal and floral with pine sap on the middle. Good, sweet-ish finish but it’s balanced by an almost astringent, piney bitterness.

Edinburgh Seaside Gin 43%

Botanicals include, survey grass, ground ivy and bladerwrack seaweed.

The nose is very salty and seaweedy with smoky juniper and hints of citrus, dried grass and a suggestion of mint.

The palate showers sweeter juniper and good spirit character with plenty of salt, seaweed, citrus and mint. Lovely, intense, balanced bitter/ sweet spice finish.

Edinburgh Cannonball Navy Strength Gin 57.2%

Botanicals include Schezuan pepper

Tasted: Mar 2017

Intense and juniper with smoky juniper. There is plenty of milky spirit character and the alcohol, although high is very well contained. Hints of citrus and possibly some seaweed notes (or maybe that’s my imagination!?!)

Soft but intense with plenty of juniper and pine notes. Lovely, softy smoked juniper and hints of citrus and spice. In fact the spices really come through on the finish with a Schezuan peppery bite along with a bite from the alcohol. Very impressive.

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