Gleann Mor Tasting Notes

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Scotch Whisky H-Z, Vatted Malt Whisky

Gleann Mor ‘A Rare Find’ Blended Malt 1975 (40 year old) 47.1%

A vatting of Tamdhu, Glenrothes, Highland Park aged in refill sherry

Dist: 1975 Btl: 2015/ Tasted: Feb 2017

Lovely aromas of dusty, mature and chocolaty sherry with hints of malt, violets and Armagnac-esque dried fruit. Wonderfully soft and juicy with the dried fruit showing a delightful sweetness, balanced by granite and citrus notes and the sherry moving in a subtle herbal direction.

The palate is uber soft, chocolaty and malty with a good depth of raisin, dried apricot and subtle citrus. The sherry is wonderfully mature, blemish free and supportive. Hints of mature spice, leather, tobacco and brown sugar come through on the middle. Long and quite fresh as the citrus really kicks in. Light cigar smoke, stewed tea and chocolate-malt finish.


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