Firkin Gin Tasting Notes

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Gin, Scottish Gin

Firkin Gin Batch 3 46%

Scottish gin bottled by Gleann Mor. Rested in an ex-20 year old Glen Garioch American oak cask

Botanicals: Juniper, angelica, coriander seed and orris.

Tasted: Feb 2017

Pungent aromas of smoky juniper with hints of angelica and wood spice. Subtle, mentholated herbal notes appear along with heather and toasted oak, which obviously has a subtle whisky character.

The palate opens with sweet vanilla oak and mentholated herbs. Hints of juniper and citrus follow. Long, with the toasty oak and subtle whisky notes lingering along with a late peppery spice note.

Firkin Gin Original Batch 4 46%

Rested in ex- 10 year old Lagavulin cask

Tasted: Dec 2016

Quite neutral but smoky nose with obvious grain spirit notes. Subtle, coconutty oak with a touch of clove and peat.

The palate is again quite neutral but showing a touch of juniper and clove. Subtly oaked with plenty of smoke.

Finish: Long, citric and smoky with a touch of bitter spice.

Firkin Gin Original Batch 5(?) 46%

Rested in ex-Glenlossie casks

Tasted: Jun 2017

The nose is very junipery with a slightly smoky edge. Lovely complexity with hints of barley, grass, angelica, coriander, orange and earth. Good balance with a good freshness and subtle oak character.

The palate is lightly oiled and showing some sweet-ish barley-like notes to begin with, followed by juniper, coriander and subtle herbal notes. Like the nose the oak is perfectly balanced and subtle, leading to a fresh, crisp and slightly mineral finish.

Firkin Gin Islay Cask 46%

Rested in an ex-Laphroaig American oak casks

Tasted: Feb 2017

Surprisingly it’s the smoky juniper that shows first. The smoky Islay cask notes mingle well. Hints of vanilla, orange and slightly medicinal peat notes follow.

Like the nose, the palate opens with the smoky juniper and subtle peat smoke, although the peat comes through quite powerfully on the middle. Hints of juniper, toasty oak and mentholated herbs. Long, citric and smoky finish with the juniper notes lingering.

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