Abelforth’s Tasting Notes

Posted: June 5, 2017 in English Gin, Gin

Abelforth’s Bathtub Gin 43.3%

Re-Tasted: Mar 2017

Subtle but pungent aromas of juniper. Subtly smoky with hints of cinnamon, cardamom and clove. Good balance and intensity.

The palate is not as sweet as previous bottling and shows a more crisp, fresher character. Quite citric with sweet juniper, cinnamon and lightly bitter cardamom. Good length with the sweet juniper lingering.

Abelforth’s Bathtub Gin – Old Tom 42.4%

Sweetened post distillation with cane sugar

Tasted: Mar 2017

A big, mentholated juniper nose with a subtle sweetness. Lightly creamy and rounded with a touch of citrus.

The palate is powerful and sweeter than the nose suggests. Lightly smoked juniper, menthol and subtle spice follow. Lightly herbal with a pleasant spicy grip in the finish.

Abelforth’s Bathtub Gin – Sloe Gin 33.8%

Almost half a pound of the finest Sloes are used to produce every bottle of this cold-compounded Sloe Gin.

Tasted: Mar 2017

A huge hit of marzipan and almond on the nose with berries in syrup. Rich, sweet and almost liqueur-like. I suppose you can’t complain that it’s not expressive!

The palate shows more of the bitter/ sweet sloe character with subtler marzipan notes. Better balanced with hints of herbs, spice and juniper. Long with a pure berry sweetness and lingering marzipan. 

Abelforth’s Cask Aged Bathtub Gin 43.3%

Aged in first fill American oak oactave casks for 3 months, then a further 6 months in refilled casks

Botanicals: juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, clove and cardamom

Tasted: Dec 2016

Nose: Plenty of toasty oak and burnt wood. Very subtle juniper plus hints of lime. Quite smoky with time and develops warm cinnamon and white pepper.

Palate: Quite sweet with oak and juniper but some balancing crisp lime on the middle. Lightly mentholated herbal notes appear with time.

Finish: A little hot, citric and bitter.

Conclusion: Great nose, slightly disappointing palate and I’m not a fan of that finish!

Abelforth’s Bathtub Gin – Cask Aged 43.3%

Aged in ex-Few Spirits American oak first fill Octave casks for 3 months, then six months in second fill.

Re-Tasted: Mar 2017

The nose opens with no shortage of sweet vanilla, but the pungent juniper character stands up to it well. Pungent, expressive with a subtle mentholated note.

The palate is elegant and displays more juniper. The smoky vanilla oak is subtler, but still noticeable. Hints of orange rind, herbs and lightly bitter cardamom come though. Medium length with a bitter spice and oak finish. 

Abelforth’s Cask Aged Bathtub Gin, Navy Strength 57%

Tasted: Dec 2016

Nose: Mint, juniper and saffron? Along with hints of cinnamon, coriander seed and subtle vanilla oak. Slightly mentholated an toasty with developing granulated sugar and pepper.

Palate: Pleasantly soft with juniper, pepper, coriander seed and well integrated oak.

Finish: Medicinal and peppery with an almost savour character.

Conclusion: Dangerously easy to drink neat!

Abelforth’s Bathtub Gin – Cask Aged, Navy Strength 57%

Re-Tasted: Mar 2017

Powerful, smoky oak and smoky juniper aromas. Everything seems amplifies, the citrus, the spice, the juniper and the oak. The oak, however displays less of the vanilla character of the standard bottling and more of the oak char.

The palate shows more sweet vanilla along with the charred oak. There’s also with plenty of mentholated herbs, juniper and spice. A gentle sweetness balances the bitter spice on the finish.

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