Westland Distillery Tasting Notes

Posted: January 10, 2017 in American Whiskies, Whiskies

Westland Distillery Single Malt ‘American Oak’ 46%

Distilled from a selection of malts, including Washington pale malt, Munich malt, Extra Speical malt, brown malt and pale chocolate malt.

Aged for approximately 24 months predominantly in New American Oak

Tasted: Nov 2016

There is plenty of silky, sweet oak on the nose, along with hints of tangerine, cinnamon, pepper, malt and dark chocolate. Robust and spicy with developing camomile and sub-marc-like herbal notes as well as a slight saltiness.

The palate is dry, full and very herbal with again silky American oak an a touch of barley, cinnamon and pepper. The oak is very dominant but the alcohol emphasised citrus cuts through and leaves a sweet, almost mentholated herbal, rose petal and salt finish. Distinctly different with a herbal character that is reminiscent of the Langatun, Swiss whisky.

Westland Distillery Single Malt ‘Sherry Wood’ 46%

Aged for approximately 24 months in ex-Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez casks.

Tasted: Nov 2016

The nose opens with toasted toffee coated apple, pure, grapey PX, herbal Oloroso and hints of molasses. Very clean and cask orientated with a touch of liquorice, roasted coffee tannins, walnut, pecan and maple syrup.

The palate is soft, clean and again cask orientated with toasted toffee, raisin, dates and molasses. The grapey PX character is very noticeable but gives way to the herbal Oloroso on the middle. Long and spicy with drying herbal tannins, walnuts and hints of youthful rose-petal marc. Very peppery after-taste.

Westland Distillery Single Malt ‘Peated’ 46%

Scottish Barley, Peated to 55ppm. Aged for approximately 24 months in new and first fill American oak.

Tasted: Nov 2016

The nose opens with the soft, heathery peat, mint and subtle, floral barley notes. Hints of salt an lightly toasted oak. For such a young spirit it smells remarkably evolved. With time hints of malt and subtle rubber notes appear.

The palate is barley led with again subtle smoke and heathery peat. Crisp and focused with some subtle oak, which allows the clarity of the malt and barley to shine. Lightly salted middle with a good fruit character and a touch of earth. Long and chewy with a lovely, salty, smoky bracken and dunnage finish.



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