Batch 206 Distillery (Seattle) Tasting Notes

Posted: July 1, 2016 in American Whiskies, Bourbon

Old Log Cabin Bourbon 43%

51% Corn 49% Malted Barley. Aged in New American Oak #3 Char (IND. Stave Company)

Tasted: June 2016

Nose: Youthful, herbal and marc-like notes with dark rye flakes. Hints of coffee and treacle add a touch of balancing sweetness and with time a hint of violet and subtle vanilla oak appears.

Palate: Quite smoky with herbal marc, but more noticeable corn. The edgy rye comes through intensifying the herbal marc notes but some light corn oil and wheat flake notes balance.

Finish: Good, spicy finish with an almost chilli pepper hotness and a fair amount of drying wood tannins.

Conclusion: A lovely rye heavy Bourbon with just the right amount of alcohol to intensify the spices. (Although, there is no rye in the mash bill!)

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