Hunter Laing Caledonian Tasting Notes

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Caledonian, Scottish Grain Whisky

Hunter Laing Sovereign Caledonian 1982 (35 year old) 46.9%

Code: SOV2117/ Dist: Feb 1982 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Nov 2017

Intense aromas of dark, dried fruit and subtle treacle. Almost malty in character with sweet cinnamon, pepper, heather, raisin, plum, orange and mature American oak. The grain gives it a lovely crisp edge and with time some toasty oak appears.

The palate opens with the dark dried fruit fouind on the nose, followed by sweet vanilla oak and hints of sub-Cognac-esque oxidised fruit. Hints of dark chocolate, spice comes through and some citrus notes freshen the mid palate. Long and succulent with dark chocolate, earth and vanilla. Slightly drying finish but the tannins are super smooth and a little treacle balances.

Hunter Laing Sovereign Caledonian 1974 (41 year old) 50.2%

Bourbon/ Dist: Mar 1974 Btl: Oct 2015/ Code: SOV2071/ Tasted: Nov 2015

Impressively deep aromas of rum-like dried fruit and fragrant oak. Luscious and juicy with the oak becoming more ‘Bourbony’. Hints of Seville orange conserve, baked apple, raisins and sweet spice. Late hint of smoke.

The palate is full and Bourbony with hints of coffee, sultana, raisin and dried citrus. The nippy grains balance the oak and it becomes wonderfully spicy on the middle with a touch of chocolate and lightly bittering elements. Seriously crisp and spicy finish with the dark honey, desiccated coconut, vanilla and cocoa underlying.


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