Dunnet Bay Distillers Tasting Notes

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Gin, Scottish Gin

Rock Rose Gin 41.5%

Bulgarian and Italian juniper, rhodiola rose, sea buckthorn, rowan berries, blaeberries, cardamom, coriander seed and verbena.

Tasted: Jun 2015

A pungent nose of juniper and cardamom with hints of rose petal, fragrant smoke, berries, verbena, sweet coriander and citrus. Fresh but quite heavy, distinctly artisanal with underlying cereal spirit notes.

Fresh and crisp on the palate. A little sweeter and lightly creamy with juniper, cardamom, green spices and bitter spice notes. A touch of berry fruit on the middle along with citrus. Long and full of spirit character with lingering sweet rose petals and dry spice.

Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin 57%

Batch 23/ Tasted: Nov 2016

Intense, crisp and salty aromas with rose petal, juniper and slightly salty/ smoky berry notes. Hints of sugar coated lemon, pepper and verbena emerge with time.

The palate is intense, yet soft with smoky juniper, berries, rose petal and a lovely combination of smoky and bitter spices. Long and hugely salty with a floral, dry spice and bitter cardamom finish.

Rock Rose Winter Edition 41.5%

Tasted: Jan 2017

Scaled down botanicals plus spruce tips.

The nose is crisp and fresh, displaying juniper and pine along with a hint of salty/ sour berries and subtle barky spice.

The palate likewise has plenty of juniper and pine. The juniper is pleasant sweet and the spice shows some lovely earthiness. Salty middle and finish with lingering berry, spruce and coriander. Although pleasant it doesn’t have the same level of complexity as their standard bottling.



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