Craigellachie Distillery Tasting Notes

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Craigellachie, Scotch Whisky A-G

Craigellachie 13 year old 46%

Tasted: Apr 2015

Nose: A beautiful, crisp and mineral nose with fragrant honey and hints of apricot, orange, tangerine and peach. With time hints of mocha and toasted oak appear.

Palate: The palate mirrors the crisp, mineral character of the nose except it is showing a little more barley and a greater degree of oiliness. Relatively straightforward but pleasantly honeyed and very deep.

Finish: Delightfully long and mineraly with lingering barley.

Conclusion: A lovely, vibrant malt with what appears to be plenty of Highland character. (Mind, it’ll probably turn out to be to from somewhere completely different though!) [tasted blind] 

Craigellachie 15 year old 46%

Tasted: July 2015

Nose: Luscious and honeyed with some superbly balancing citrus, grass and mineral notes along with a good dollop of sweet barley for good measure! With time some floral notes and a touch of vanilla emerges.

Palate: Opens with a little more oak and oily, nutty cereal. Still the honey refuses to be dominated and is shot through with a subtle but enthusiastic thread of citrus and minerals. Hints of gentle spice are unlocked in the middle.

Finish: Lovely, bracing mineral finish with lingering barley and honey.

Conclusion: A classic Spey which delivers everything a good Spey should do. 

Craigellachie 17 year old 46%

Tasted: May 2015

The nose opens with slightly hard, earthy barley with hints of herbs and a touch of smoke. Hints of perfumed flowers appear along with some honey and spice.

The palate is a little watery for 46%. There are hints of sweet barley, toffee, apricot, dried fruit and herbs. Medium length with a hard barley and perfumed finish. It’s not as fresh or as clean as the 13 year old.

Craigellachie 19 year old 46%

Tasted: June 2016

Nose: Dusty, malty and earthy with a faint industrial note, however some honey and lightly creamy oak balances. Showing some maturity with a late herbal/ grassiness.

Palate: Begins a little austere until the honey and creamy oak arrives. Hints of barley, dusty oak, coffee and malt on the middle along with a slight industrial note.

Finish: Long and a little hot with a dry barley and straw finish. The creamy oak lingers pleasantly.

Conclusion: It has charm and thankfully enough sweet honey and creamy oak to balance its industrial character.

Craigellachie 23 year old 46%

Tasted: Nov 2015

Nose: Intense and very herbal with heather, barley, honey and taught oak. Gentle tropical aromas of melon, apricot, green apple and guava appear and with time a touch of wood spice and vanilla.

Palate: A lovely mouthful of subtle sawdusty oak, tropical melon and apricot with gentle herbal notes. Stunning depth with a superb honeyed sheen. Develops citrus, spice and light stony notes on the middle.

Finish: Long, stony and very citric but the succulent honey returns to balances.

Conclusion: Damn that’s good. A seriously complex and classy malt. Can I have some more please Mr Distillery Manager! 

Craigellachie 23 year old 46%

Re-Tasted: Dec 2015

Nose: Dense, earthy and barley’d with hints of dried fruit, citrus rind and nutty/ toasty oak. Slightly Cognac-esque and showing a lovely, dusty maturity.

Palate: Fuller and sweeter than the nose with again a slight Cognac-esque rancio and hints cinnamon, cumin and nutmeg. Intense mineral and citrus middle, balanced by some buttery oak.

Finish: Intense and mouth-watering with the Cognac-esque dried fruit lingering.

Conclusion: Oh, yes! That’s damn good!

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