Carn Mor Linkwood Tasting Notes

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Linkwood, Scotch Whisky H-Z

Carn Mor Strictly Limited Linkwood 2006 (11 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead finished in refill sherry

Dist: 2006 Btl: 2017/ Tasted: Oct 2017

A little edgy and industrial with hard barley and very faint hints of dried fruit.

A little less edgy on the palate as the vanilla, subtle dried fruit and shortbread off set the hard barley to an extent. A little austere and spirity on the finish with a touch of bittering oak.


Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask Linkwood 1988 (25 year old) 50.7%

Sherry Hogshead 2322/ Dist: May 1988 Btl: June 2014/ Tasted: Mar 2015

The nose displays a combination of leafy/ herbal and boiled sweet sherry. However the sherry notes have a lovely lightness of touch which allows some floral barley, juicy sultana, grape and dried tropical fruit through. Quite oily and nutty – almond and pecan with a light maple syrup and luscious honey. A touch of sawdusty vanillins and violet notes appear with time.

The palate is a little on the tannic side but uber soft with light, nutty honey, coffee, toffee and an almost pulped fruit character. Hints of sultana, dried apricot and banana come through on the middle along with the natural oils.. Juicy, succulent barley appears along with a touch of sweet vanilla. Oooh the fruit is mouth-wateringly juicy! Stunning intensity and balance with the sweet vanilla notes lingering


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