Murray McDavid Tasting Notes

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Rum, Trinidad

Murray McDavid Renegade Rum – Caroni Trinidad 1993 (11 year old) 46%

Continuous Still – Madeira Cask Finished

Clean, medium intensity of sweet Madeira fruit. Underneath is a suggestion of higher alcohols plus a floral top note and a developing smokiness.

Off-dry, quite sweet with toffee, redcurrant/ cherry, wine infused dried fruit and Madeira wood. Sweet, mouthfilling and spicy. Very full bodied with a long winey finish. The Rum itself only comes through on the finish – It’s all about the wood, which is extremely clean. 

Murray McDavid Renegade Rum – Trinidad Distillery 1991 (17 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Chateau Le Pin

Limited Release of 1,380 bottles/ Tasted: Feb 2010

Bold and rich (in a Jamaican stylie!!) Full on and quite peated with robust, dried fruits and a touch of dark chocolate. The finishing cask is extremely subtly applied and it allows a bucket full of creamy American oak aromas to let fly. Wow, this is starting to move into Rye territory now as some beautifully buzzy spices and violet notes emerge from the vanillins. This is a definite Caribbean/ American hybrid.

The palate, like the nose is broad, rich and bold. Subtle peat and leafy herbs begin the journey, followed by the American oak. Again it gives a convincing Rye performance, with a gorgeously grainy character and spiciness. Where is the wine cask in all of this? Who cares frankly! This is truly a world class spirit, and the length is amazing. The rum and raisin notes reappear on the finish, just to remind you that your not really in Kentucky Toto!


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