Blaum Brothers Tasting Notes

Posted: June 13, 2015 in American, Vodka

Blaum Bros Vodka 40%

Wheat/ Rye

Tasted: Oct 2014

Nose: Pungent and oily with a touch of dark rye and creamy vanilla. Earthy and slightly herbal. With time a light smokiness appears.

Palate: Oily, youthful and lightly creamy with dark rye and a touch of white wine vinegar. Very spicy – intense dark rye spice along with a touch of liquorice.

Finish: Long and creamy with some not too bitter spice notes.

Conclusion. Pleasantly spicy but balanced by the creamy spirit character.

Blaum Bros Vodka 40%

Wheat/ Rye

Re-Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Youth, pungent and oil with plenty of ‘spirit character’. Quite elegant with a crisp, citrus intensity and a developing Turkish Delight-like note.

Palate: Soft, earthy and oily. Like the nose it displays plenty of character. It has a good sweet/ sour balance, even if it does have a light cheesy note, which gets wrapped up in the Turkish Delight notes.

Finish: Long and lightly spiced.

Conclusion: I like the fact it had plenty of spirit character – even with the light cheesiness! Although I’m not sure what varietal it was made from.

Blaum Bros Hellfyre Vodka with hot peppers added 40%

Jalapeno, habanero and black peppercorn

Tasted: Dec 2014

Nose: Green chilli’s and that was about it!

Palate: Green chilli pepper, spice and, er, more spice!

Finish: Long and would you believe……. Spicy!

Conclusion: A gimmick perhaps? It does make you sweat though!


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