La Alteña Distillery (Tapatio) Tequila Tasting Notes

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Tequila, White Spirits

Tapatio Tequila Blanco 40%

Tasted: Sept 2014

A pungent, coffee laced nose of green peppers, vanilla, cream soda and white pepper. The pulped agave can just about be discerned, but it’s taking a back seat here!

The palate however displays more of the pulped fruit with a touch of pepper and coffee’d spices. It gets a bit wild and vegetal on the middle. Seriously edgy now with a lovely intensity. Long with a slightly nutty and white pepper finish.

Tapatio Tequila Blanco 40%

Re-Tasted: May 2016

The nose is quite fresh and citric with gently peppered (white) pulped agave and hints of smoke, green pepper and an almost cereal-like sweetness.

The palate has a lovely intensity of peppered agave with hints of green pepper, citrus and coffee. Pleasantly edgy and lightly earthy with a very herbal middle and finish. Lightly salted after-taste with lingering citrus, agave and green pepper notes.

Tapatio Tequilla Blanco 110 55%

Tasted: May 2016

The aromas are subtler than the 40% bottling with hints of smoky vanilla. It settles down to show sugar coated agave and black pepper. Like the 40% bottling it displays and almost cereal-like sweetness along with a touch of dried fruit.

The palate is sweeter and shows more vanilla than the 40% bottling with edgy but brown sugar coated agave. Intensely citric and peppered middle and a seriously salty finish. The higher abv has really emphasised the citrus and salt. Quite a dry after-taste with lingering lightly smoked agave.

Tapatio Tequila Reposado 38%

Re-Tasted: May 2016

Wonderfully deep aromas of slightly toasty vanilla and pulped agave. Rounded and subtly peppery with a touch of salt.

The palate is fresher and more citric with subtle vanilla oak. Intense agave notes mingle with green pepper, earth, smoke and salt. Long and salty with the sweetness of the agave balancing.

Tapatio Tequila Reposado 38%

Aged for 8 months in American oak

Tasted: Sept 2014

Lovely aromas of soft, pulped agave and hints of pepper. Quite fresh with an almost salty minerality.

The palate is as freash as the nose suggests with pulped fruit, pepper and a subtle vanilla character. Very smoky on the middle – coal smoke and a dry, slightly austere, salty finish.

Tapatio Tequila Anejo 38%

Aged for 18 months in American oak

Tasted: Sept 2014

Complex, pungent and smoky aromas with hints of red pepper, citrus vanilla and a light balsamic note.

The palate is full and creamy, opening with a subtle pepperiness. Fleshy white fruits follow with a touch of citrus, oak and spice. Very long with the spices becoming a little floral and the pepper gaining in intensity.

Tapatio Tequilla Anejo 38%

Re-Tasted: May 2016

The nose displays a greater oak influence (obviously!) with creamy vanilla and subtly sweet pulped agave. Hints of black pepper, green pepper and citrus follow.

The palate is full and creamy, but not over oaked as the intense agave, lime, green pepper and salt power through. Fleshy and mellow with a lovely sugar/ salt balance. Long and spicy with the black pepper building in intensity finishing with a suggestion of red chilli pepper. Lovely stuff!

Tapatio Tequila Excelencia Gran Reserva 40%

Aged for 3 to 5 years

Tasted: Sept 2014

My god this is an agricole rum!?!?! Herbal, medicinal and very woody with green nuts, clove and pepper. Wow this is just so left field it’s untrue. Hendrix is playing in the background and it seems like an ideal match! Extremely woody (did I mention that!) with late camphor and burnt toast notes. However I can still detect plenty of pulped agave!

The palate is little subtler on the wood front and it opens quite peppery with clove and cinnamon notes. Good grief the pepper is beginning to build along with the wood notes. But just like the nose some agave fruit can be found at its heart. Incredibly complex with a mouth-wateringly spicy and peppery finish. This is stunning tequila!

Tapatio Tequilla Excelencia Gran Reserva 40%

Re-Tasted: May 2016

The nose opens with buckets of peppery dried fruit and bourbony, coffee’d oak. Very herbal and almost agricole-eque with an enormity of black pepper spices. Seriously complex with a touch of sweet agave coated in molasses and brown sugar. Superbly balanced rancio with late hints of burnt toast.

The palate is subtly smoky with creamy, Bourbony oak and air dried fruit. Quite spicy and woody with cinnamon, cumin and pepper. Again the herbal notes display a sort of agricole rum-like character with plenty of camphor. The mature agave notes come through forcefully on the middle as the oak gives way and the finish is long, salty and peppery with the agave notes lingering. This is a stunningly great tequila and a very unique spirit.


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