Ilegal Mezcal Tasting Notes

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Mezcal, White Spirits

Ilegal Mezcal Joven 40%

Lot 001/ Tasted: Mar 2013 

A quite appealing , soft and creamy aromas with a light pungency and a slight edgy rawness of pulped Agave along with a sweet marc like note, hints of earth, smoke, citrus (lime) and white pepper. 

The palate is slightly sweet and smoky, opening with the sweet-ish Agave fruit and a developing citrus note. Very long, maybe a little hot on the finish but it has a pleasant peppery bite and the subtle sweetness lingers. 

Ilegal Mezcal Reposado 40%

Four Months ageing in new American/ French oak

Lot 001/ Tasted: Mar 2013 

Quite pungent aromas of lightly oiled citrus, pepper and more rounded Agave fruit. Again quite smoky, more so than the Joven with an almost iodine and smoked bacon note. The oak adds a slight butterscotch note. Quite earthy still with a touch of white pepper. 

The palate is soft and quite creamy opening with some light smoke, pepper and that almost peated-earthy nuance. Quite full with a lightly oiled middle, which displays a pleasantly subtle sweetness and like the Joven a smoked meat/ savoury note is noticeable. Good length with an almost tart citrus finish, which is balanced by the sweet Agave notes and a lingering white pepper note. 

Ilegal Mezcal Anejo 40%

Thirteen Months ageing in new American/ French oak

Lot 001/ Tasted: Mar 2013 

A heavier, earthier, more prominently peated nose with a distinct camphor, menthol and medicinal character. Full and rounded with some soft, lightly sweetened vanillins, white pepper and smoke. It’s rich and dense but the citrus notes add an edginess. 

The oak shows first on the palate with some sweet and creamy vanillins. The Agave fruit sits beneath. Again quite smoky with a light medicinal/ peaty note. Building citrus notes battle against the oak and in conjunction with the alcohol they win, flooding the palate with peppery, savoury bacon and roasted meat notes. In fact that roasted meat character is very reminiscent of an old fashioned Northern Rhone Syrah! Lovely length with a freshness to the finish along with some lingering sweet Agave notes.


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