Single Malts of Scoland Tobermory Tasting Notes

Posted: November 27, 2014 in Scotch Whisky H-Z, Tobermory

19 Single Malts of Scotland Tobermory 1994 (19 year old) 55.8%

Sherry Cask 5174/ Dist: 1994 Btl: March 2014/ Tasted: July 2014

Nose: Intense, grainy Bourbon oak and gritty tannins. Very herbal with a hoppy character. Moist apricot, tangerine and honey lurk beneath. With time hints of rum-like dried fruit emerges. Water makes it feel like a grain whisky.  

Palate: Soft and honeyed with a light coffee and oxidised fruit note. The flavours become progressively darker towards the middle as a light treacle note emerges. Less oak influence than the nose suggests. Water emphasises the dried fruit and spices.  

Finish: Very oily with the herbal note returning and the treacle note lingering. Quite dry and alcoholic neat. Water lengthens but it’s still very dry.  

Conclusion: My only quibble is that it’s a bit dry on the finish. Probably best with a drop of water.


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