45 West Distillers Tasting Notes

Posted: November 27, 2014 in English Gin, Gin, White Spirits

Burleigh’s London Dry Gin ‘Signature’ 40%

Distilled by 45 West Distillers, Loughborough by Jamie Baxter

Using 11 botanicals including Juniper, Silver Birch, Dandelion and Burdock, Elderberry and Iris

Tasted: Aug 2014

A very clean and glacial fresh nose with plenty of juniper, along with hints of orris root, cinnamon, cassia bark and some lovely refreshing lemon and lime notes.

The palate is a little subtler than the nose (and a little watery?). Lightly creamy with juniper, cardamom, orris root and hints of green cassia bark and elderberry. Slightly oily on the middle with waxy lime/ lemon and the dandelion and burdock adding a light bitterness. Good length with the oily citrus lingering and a slightly dry, woody after-taste. It definitely has plenty of character.

Burliegh’s London Dry Gin ‘ Signature’ 40%

Re-Tasted: Nov 2014

The nose is quite sweet and citrusy. The Orange and lemon rind has been liberally coated in granulated sugar. Hints of juniper, barley, elderberry come through along with a developing earthiness.

The palate is soft and creamy with a drier citrus character. Fuller and not as watery as the previous time I tasted it. Subtle juniper and herbs come through on the middle. Good length with the citrus becoming quite tart and a late spice note appearing. 

Burliegh’s London Dry Gin ‘ Signature’ 40%

Re-Tasted: Nov 2015

He nose displays plenty of sweet juniper, crystallised orange and hints of angelica, coriander, orris, cassia bark along with a slightly floral note.

Fuller and creamier than the nose with more cardamom and bitter spice. More intense than I remember it with subtle juniper, elderberry, coriander and citrus. Good, fresh finish (feels like the abv is higher than 40%). Lightly woody and oily finish.

Burlieghs London Dry Gin ‘Distillers Cut’ 47%

Tasted: Nov 2014

A very fresh, citrusy and junipery nose. Glacial fresh with gently sugar coated lemon and Orange rind. The slightly biscuity and lightly barley’d spirit can be detected beneath.

The palate is more intense than the signature. A serious hit of juniper with corriander and cinnamon. Quite herbal on the middle with cardamom, barley and casual bark. That higher abv really ramps up the intensity! Very long with the citrus and spice lingering.

Burleigh’s Distillers Cut 47%

Re-tasted: Feb 2016

Fresh and biscuity on the nose with plenty of citrus, juniper, elderberry and orange. It seems a little oiler and although fresh it’s not quite as glacial as I remember it. However it’s still very good.

Fresh and junipery with elderberry and very noticeable cardamom notes. Hints of cassia bark, orange and coriander seed come through on the middle. Lovely intensity with a long citrus and sweet-ish juniper finish.

Burlieghs London Dry Gin ‘ Export Strength’ 47%

Tasted: Nov 2014

A deeper and spicier nose than the distillers cut. There’s more emphasis on the oily, biscuit spirit notes. The juniper and sweet citrus notes are quite subtle but the dry spices seem amplified.

The palate is quite oily and biscuity with just a touch of pure lemon. Subtle hints of junior, orris, cardamom and spicy classic bark come through. Again wonderfully intense with the spices lingering.

Burleigh’s Export Strength 47%

Re-tasted: Feb 2016

Deeper and oilier than the Distillers Cut with a touch more biscuity spirit character. Hints of birch wood, cinnamon and coriander with a developing, light smokiness.

The palate is lightly oiled and a touch sweeter than the Distillers Cut with sweet juniper and drier spices. Hints of cassia bark, elderberry and coriander follow. A little bittering of the spices but the sweetness balances. Long and very citric with tongue tingling spices!

Burleigh’s London Dry Pink Edition 40%

Features, preserved Japanese cherry blossom, hibiscus, rose and pink grapefruit.

Tasted: Mar 2017

Very fresh and citric with noticeable grapefruit notes, sweet rose, hibiscus, elderflower and juniper.

The palate is fuller and oilier with hibiscus, pink grapefruit and berry notes. It develops a touch of softly bitter juniper and elderflower. Long, floral and bitter with lingering rose oil.


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